1. I can be a little reluctant to change. I’m a little slow to adapt, but I can definitely see the benefits. I remind my daughter how change can be good incase she starts to struggle with change like me.

  2. I don’t know if I’m good with change, but in the school holidays, we venture all over Sydney, simply because I’ve ‘never been there before’ – usually it’s a success, sometimes it’s just another crappy suburb…but as a result, we’ve seen a lot of different things (and I’ve got the kids off the xbox for the day!)

  3. Love this post hon – will be sharing.

    I am a homebody who fears changes that are thrust upon me (anxiety stuff) but seeks out exactly the changes you mention. I recently wrote a post over at scoutie girl called “change is as good as a holiday” so agree 100%

  4. I crave change and try to seek it out, but I know that routine also makes life easier and more settling for our children. But then again change also makes them resilient and better able to cope with life. It’s a fine balance. I’m always about new food and experiences, when I get the opportunity to try them I throw myself into it wholeheartedly

  5. I love this post. Change is so important. I actually took up some weekend work last year so I get away from my family life and be single for a couple of nights. I love to go and discover new places and see new sights. It is amazing therapy!

  6. Your exploring sounds lovely x I do like routine when it comes to a lot of aspects of my life, but i do also enjoy exploring new places, going to different parks etc with the boys. Great post, it has certainly got me thinking x

  7. I have to admit that change does throw me a bit. I love my routine. I think I get this from my Dad. I wish I was more of a person who embraced change.

  8. Love this post and I love change….I get board so easily and the same old thing contributes to my down times. Good on you for changing things up, even if it is only a short drive to somewhere new or a different meal to try.
    Have a great week xx

  9. I love the feeling of trying something if fervent and loving it. I think change is great for the soul and isn’t that what life is about? Enjoying it to the full!

  10. I don’t like change and routines make me feel safe. I feel such a huge turmoil in my head a lot of the time so it’s nice to have predictability in my physical life.

  11. You are spot on Eva, Without change your ability to adapt and deal with it shrinks – you shrink. Your life, your world becomes a tighter and tighter fit. The less you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone the less you are able. OK I’m laboring a point (thinking of a family member with a sever anxiety disorder) you’ve made those points really well here and its a reminder we all need. Hey does a shopping break in your normal routine count? :0)

  12. I love change – its one of my themes on my blog. I reckon we only grow when we change and finding balance in live is really a whole process of staying centred while we embrace (and cope) with changes. Lovely to hear the joy of your exploring and the difference your tree change has made to your life.

  13. So nice that you can hop in your car and drive not too far to be able to explore lots of new places. Maybe you could also find some activities for you to do in one of these places.

  14. I remember reading somewhere that we like the idea of change but the reality scares us that’s why I think your post is brilliant, because it’s something to remember when it all starts to happen x