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10 Of The Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Like mindfulness, meditation takes practice but oh is it good for the soul! Once you can learn to filter your thoughts and focus, meditation along with the use of the best essential oils for meditation, allows you to reach a state of consciousness that provides a heightened awareness of yourself and your world. It brings about the clarity of mind and clarity of soul.   Meditation and essential oils go together perfectly because the oils help promote grounding, a sense of calm.

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What is meditation used for

Meditation is a great method for working towards personal goals such as anxiety and stress reduction, relaxation, focus, and rejuvenation. Essential oils have powerful effects that can help you reach the goals you set for your meditation. Essential oils are often used both topically and for aromatherapy, making them a valuable component of your meditation essentials.

Aromatherapy meditation can be very beneficial for changing our state of mind and achieving many of the benefits of meditation such as improved focus, control over stress and anxiety, and relaxation. Here’s our definitive guide to meditation with essential oils.

guide to meditation

Meditation Room Essentials

When setting up your space to meditate, it’s important to feel comfortable. Make sure you have a place with a pillow, mat, or chair (depending on the position in which you plan to meditate and if you include yoga in your practice) where you can be comfortable.

Candles always help to set the mood, and the best candles for meditation are soy-based and long-burning so that you don’t have to worry about inhaling any toxic chemicals or any hazards while meditating. Also, to get the most out of essential oils meditation, you need a way to diffuse oils so you can properly inhale their scents. The best way to do this is either with an oil diffuser or by putting a few drops of the oil in a boiling pot of water and inhaling the steam. For some simple steps to meditation at home, click here.

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Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Since essential oils can all have different effects on our meditation, your personal goals will help you determine the best scents for meditation. These oils are the ones that enhance the experience and help you reach the personal goals you have. I’ve used many essential oils for relaxation and have compiled a list of what I believe are the ten best essential oils for meditation. I often diffuse some of these on their own or together as a blend depending on what I’m looking to achieve. My favourite blend is bergamot, clary sage, and frankincense.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Reinvigorate yourself from fatigue and mental slumps with grapefruit essential oil. Though meditation seems like a calming exercise, it can also be energising. Grapefruit is one of the great essential oils for yoga and meditation at times when we are using our yoga flow to awaken and revive ourselves.

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Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver can help you focus your mind and is even known to enhance libido, so it’s perfect for a meditation between a work day and date night.

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Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is the best essential oil for relaxation; its rich, spicy scent is perfect for leaving your worries behind.

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A little bit of bergamot in your tea or diffused as a scent can increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that increases feelings of happiness and reduces anxiety and depression. Bergamot is also a great meditation blend essential oil because of its compatibility with so many other oils.

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This little oil has numerous benefits from alleviating chest pain to having a calming and erotic effect. Diffuse to set a low-key, sexy mood for your meditation.

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Clary Sage

Clary Sage can help to fight anxiety and have a calming effect, perfect for winding down after periods of stress. In our opinion, clary sage is one of the best oils for meditation for this reason.

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This essential oil can beneficially reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and help to fight anxiety and depression. Frankincense meditation is the perfect solution for a tense day.

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Eucalyptus helps to fight migraines and body aches. Its cooling effect relieves tension, making it a great addition to a meditation that includes yoga.

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Neroli oil is a perfect meditation oil, as it is said to calm a racing heart and aid with sleep, which is also why it’s a good oil for restoration after tough experiences when you just need some rest.

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Lavender is known for its cleansing properties as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory. It’s also a great oil to reduce stress. It is known as one of the popular essential oils for spirituality, lavender spiritual uses being extolled by many people who use meditation to heal their energy and enrich their spiritual life.

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I hope this list of the best essential oils for meditation works as a good starting point for you to begin your journey in creating your own personal meditation blend of essential oil. Your personal preferences and goals will guide you as you experiment to find your perfect meditation scents. Essential oils and meditation are an ideal combination to enrich your wellness and self-care journey.

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10 of the Best Essential Oils For Meditation

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