5 Ways To Keep Your Child Occupied While You’re Busy

Before I begin this post, there’s one thing I’d like to clarify. I LOVE playing with my little one! I adore the twinkle in his eyes each time he discovers something new. I wait to listen to the echo of his naughty cackle when he does something silly. I pride in the way the tiny, inquisitive brain of his is always on a lookout for exploring hidden treasures.

That being said, there are also certain moments when I cannot give my child the undivided attention that he needs. Be it a call from an old friend or my culinary endeavors, there are times I have to let my child do his own thing while making sure he doesn’t cry about being bored. Here are five fun ways I keep my toddler occupied while I’m busy. Your child is sure to love these activities as much as mine does:

Tape Track Racing

This activity is quite a hit with my little boy. The best part about it is that it hardly involves any expense or expertise, yet it promises the thrill and excitement for little ones. Use duct tape to create racing tracks for your child’s toy cars on the floors of their room. Let them enjoy racing their cars on the track while you get all your work done. You’ll be surprised to see how this activity can keep your kid fascinated for hours together. Use plain old duct tape and draw the road lines on it or you can purchase ‘autobahn’ tape at good toy stores.


Colouring Mania

No matter what you may say, kids can never get enough of colouring. You can choose to go the quintessential colouring pages route or introduce your child to interesting variations of drawing and painting styles (thumb painting, vegetable stamping, ice painting or window markers). A colouring activity can never leave little ones disappointed. It gives them an outlet to let their imagination thrive and the freedom to express through colours and images.

child colouring

Sensory Bag

Create this amazing pastime for your child using just a few household essentials. This sensory activity can do wonders to intrigue and enchant your child. All you need is a transparent ziplock plastic pouch, shaving foam, uncooked pasta, googly eyes, and beads. Add all the ingredients in the pouch and spray shaving foam (or gel) generously in the bag. Lock the pouch and hand it to your child to play with. Your child will have a ball trying to look for little beads, eyes, and pasta while also drawing shapes on the bag with his little fingers. Of course, if your child is too young for small beads, replace it with something larger.

sensory play

Clean Up

I know, I know! You must be wondering how on earth will your little one find cleaning fun. He won’t if he knows he is cleaning up. If he knows the activity will fetch him a pat on the back (and a surprise treat), he will do it wholeheartedly! What’s even better is that you can concentrate on your work (or leisure) stress-free! Hand your child the Vileda mop and ask him to collect little things lying around the house (especially his room) in the bag. The greater the number of things he manages to collect in the bag, the better his treat will be!

child helps with cleaning

Fun In The Kitchen

Need a hand in the kitchen? Why not get your kid’s tiny little hands to help you? Ask your child to assist you in the kitchen while you’re busy preparing a meal for the family. Ask him to take care of simple activities like washing the vegetables, fetching water and ingredients. Not only will doing this keep him occupied but it will help empower him and make him feel responsible, too. You can also be sure to see almost no resistance from him at the dining table. He will enjoy a meal even more when he’s been involved in the process of making it.

kids cooking
We as mothers must understand that though our children are the central force in our lives, it is also important that we take time out for ourselves. There’s no selfish intention in looking out for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lie back and read a book or going out on a lunch date with your friends. You know at the end of the day, your child means the world to you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having a few of those “me moments”.

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