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The Apocalypse Is Here And It’s One Of My Pet Hates

I don’t know if it’s because I’m becoming more aware of it or because it’s happening more and more, but I’m starting to see a lot of zombie-like people, wandering aimlessly, unaware of their surroundings and not making eye contact.

smartphone apocalypse

It’s not a zombie apocalypse, it’s the smartphone apocalypse and it’s one of my new pet hates.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not perfect when it comes to my smartphone, I do like to check it often but my often seems to be a lot less than others.

In the past few days I’ve seen a number of young people walking alongside the road while looking at their smartphone, one guy actually ventured too far onto the road and I had to beep at him snap him out of his trance.

At the shopping centre, it seems as though there’s no such thing as window shopping for many anymore, instead they choose to walk and look at their phone instead, not having any care in the world about other people approaching them. Did you know, you have to give way to phone zombies?

I’ve seen families out with their kids, both parents walking behind the children, both looking down at their smartphones. I’ve walked down a busy street trying to dodge and avoid being elbowed by idiots who refuse to look up from their screen and watch where they are walking.

So why do I care what these other people are doing? Well, firstly, I think it’s rude, particularly when on many occasions these people expect others to make way for them. Secondly, I just hate what society is becoming and how much people seem to succumb to and hide behind technology. Lastly, I’m frustrated at the example these people are setting for children.

I often ask myself, ‘Is this the way the world is going?’ A world where people no longer share a smile with a passing stranger, where parents don’t watch on as their kids have fun, where people don’t look around and appreciate the beautiful blue sky or take in the things happening around them because they’re fixated on their technology?

There’s just so much good stuff to miss, feel good stuff, stuff you won’t find on your phone.

As I see these people missing out, it’s a reminder to myself to make sure I always try to live in the moment.

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