Book Club September 2016 – Books for 10 Year Olds

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Books for 10+ year olds

My Australian Story: Black Sunday by Evan McHugh

Omnibus Books, RRP $16.99

Book Club September 2016 – Books for 10 Year Olds
Davey only wants to be one thing: a lifesaver. In his world they’re larger than life, walking, talking heroes. He’s too young, but he starts to train in secret, setting challenges for himself in the Bondi surf. But his secret comes to light, one hot Sunday – a day that was to become infamous.

Set against the colourful world and colourful characters of Bondi, after the Depression and just before the start of World War 2 as ominous signs emerge from Europe and Jewish refugees arrive in Bondi.

My Australian Story: Black Sunday charts Australia’s surf-life saving movement and their blackest day – Black Sunday, 6 February 1938.


400 Minutes of Danger by Jack Heath

Scholastic Australia, RRP $12.99

Book Club September 2016 – Books for 10 Year Olds
A brand new death-defying series, 400 Minutes of Danger is 10 short stories that each take about 30 minutes to read. The stories are nail biting, dangerous situations play out right down to the last crucial moment.

“Brad has fallen into the lion enclosure, and the big cats are hungry! Charity takes the wheel of an out of control bus after an explosion. Iresha hears strange noises….from beneath the seabed. Daniel crawls into a waste crusher after a building collapse – and then it gets switched on! Tak’s class goes on excursion to an army base and now an experimental military robot is hunting them.”

If your child loves danger, survival, problem solving, environmental issues, resourcefulness, fear, bravery and quick thinking, this book is for them.


Princess Parsley by Pamela Rushby

Omnibus Books, RRP $16.99

Book Club September 2016 – Books for 10 Year Olds
Do you have a reader who loves the adventures of Alice Miranda but they’re looking to upgrade to something a bit older?

Princess Parsley is hilarious. Parsley is a lovable character but how embarrassing being named Parsley! And her dad doesn’t make it any easier on poor Parsley. He had a disagreement with the local council and everyone found out, Parsley then became known as ‘Princess Parsley’, not a great way to become popular in her first year of high school. But Parsley handles the situation in her own unique way, bringing about plenty of laughs along the way.

Have you discovered any great books for 10 year olds lately?

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