4 Children’s Picture Books for Dads this Father’s Day

Children’s picture books perfect for Father’s Day

It’s a known fact that mums are the ones that read to their kids more often than dads, so here’s an opportunity for dads to get in on the enjoyment of reading, particularly this Father’s Day. These aren’t just any books for dads, they’re all about dads and particularly special to read with dads and grandpas this Father’s Day.

Counting on You by Corinne Fenton, Illustrated by Robin Cowcher

The Five Mile Press, RRP $14.95

Counting on You by Corinne Fenton
Dads, we can always count on them when we lose our socks, when we forget things and when we’re sad. Our dads are there on the good days and the bad days, they give great hugs and make things better. The beautiful illustrations in Counting on You perfectly express the six primary emotions of happiness/joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and love, emulating exactly how a young child would see their adoring dad. This children’s picture book, perfect for ages 3+, is a very special way to say thank you to a dad who is always there.

Where’s Dad Hiding? By Ed Allen, Illustrated by Anil Tortop

Scholastic Australia, RRP $16.99

Where's Dad Hiding? By Ed Allen

Where is Dad? Dad is too good at playing hide and seek. Little wombat can’t find him anywhere! He’s is not at home, he’s nowhere to be seen at the beach, and he’s definitely not hiding in the garden. Can you see where Dad is hiding?

Young children aged 3+ will love helping Baby Wombat find his dad in every scene of this vibrant and playful look-and-find storybook. The perfect book to read with Dad this Father’s Day!

Grandpa is Great by Laine Mitchell, Illustrated by Alison Edgson

Scholastic Australia, RRP $16.99

Grandpa is Great by Laine Mitchell

My grandpa is happy,

He’s kind and so fun.

I love my dear grandpa

He’s my number one.

For everyone with a grandpa who’s great, this is the perfect book to celebrate their greatness! The story follows cute baby animals from all over the world each sharing special moments with their grandpas. Perfect for ages 3+, the engaging rhyming text is perfect for shared reading and a great gift to grandpa on Father’s Day!

I Spy Dad! By Janeen Brian, Illustrated by Chantal Stewart

New Frontier Publishing, RRP $ 14.99

I Spy Dad! by Janeen Brian
For kids aged 3-6 years who love a good old game of I Spy, I Spy Dad! Is all about a little girl on the search for her Father. She spies a ‘mowing dad’, a ‘rowing dad’, a ‘reading dad’ and a ‘weeding dad’, but where is her dad? I love this book, not only because it’s so playful and rhyming, but kids can have fun on the search and perhaps even find a dad that’s just like theirs!

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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