How To Conquer Paper Clutter With Big W Stationery

This photo of my desk explains everything; I have a problem with paper clutter and piles of paperwork. As much as I’d like to take Albert Einsteins’s famous words for it, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” I know for a fact that a clear desk helps me focus on my work a lot better, particularly when my mind is cluttered enough as it is with my bipolar. Thanks to SMASH’s Neon Galaxy range, brand new Big W stationery available in stores now, I conquered the cluttered desk, particularly paper clutter.

cluttered home office

How I conquered clutter with Big W Stationery by SMASH

And here is the end result.

In addition to following some minimalist living tips and ditching a lot of the crap on my desk that I no longer needed, I was able to create a place for my paperwork, receipts and numerous notes I write for myself on random pieces of paper and create a less cluttered workspace.

Big W Stationery

Pictured: Neon Galaxy Stationery Range now available in-store at Big W. Envelope folder, A5 notepad, Sticky note pad pack, Day planner to do list, Sticky tape holder, stapler, paper clip set and magazine file.

Big W Stationery

Pictured: Day planner, stapler, sticky tape holder, A3 notepad, A4 paper cover books, magazine file, envelope folder.

Sticky notes that won’t get lost under a pile of paperwork

Big W Stationery

Pictured: Neon Galaxy sticky note pad pack, A3 notebook (pack of 3), memo block, envelope folder (pack of 3)

Fancy manila folders to file all my paperwork (and avoid the paperwork pile up)

Simply just label each folder tab with what you need to file.

Big W Manila files

Pictured: Neon Galaxy manilla folders (pack of 5) and lever arch folder 1.8mm

Big W Manilla files

The envelope hack

I have a notebook for different things. For example, I have one for my blog, one for training and another for each of my clients. I have a habit of writing individual loose notes for these things on separate pieces of paper, and I ALWAYS lose them.

To keep them all in one place, I have attached envelopes to the inside of all of my notebooks. It’s so easy. Just get an envelope, remove the sticky seal and stick it on the back of the front page of the notebook.

Big W Notebooks

Pictured: Neon Galaxy A4 Notebook (pack of 3, A3 notepad (pack of 3), paper clip set (15pcs)

Big W Stationery hack

Motivational reminders

The Neon Galaxy Big W Stationary range is full of motivational quotes on the folders and notebooks; I love this because I believe daily reminders are essential.

I wanted to add an extra reminder to my desk and saw that I had a spare frame. I used the silver packaging that came with the very cool planetary paperclips, cut it to size and inserted it into the frame. I then used a whiteboard marker to write a motivational quote. Easy as.

Just use a wet wipe or tissue to wipe it off and write a new quote that tickles your fancy. Another great idea is when you’re finished with one of the small notebooks (see ‘To the moon and back’ pictured) you can also reuse this by inserting it into a frame.

Big W Stationery hack

Pictured: Neon Galaxy document tray, A3 notebooks, paper clip set and memo block.

Family planner folder

The photo you saw at the beginning of this post with the in-tray to the right, well that is full of everything from bills, notes from school, random pieces of paper with goals I’ve written for myself and shopping lists. I knew it was time for me to put these all in one spot so I used the Neo Galaxy A4 2 ring binder (pictured below) and turned it into what I’m calling a ‘family planner folder’. It includes sections for:

  • My monthly goal planner (free goal planner printable below)
  • A grocery list template (free grocery printable below)
  • A family calendar to write every school and extracurricular commitment (free calendar printable below)
  • Family-related expenses and receipts
  • Medical documents
  • Other documents that require my attention.SMASH A4 2 ring binder

This folder will now act as my go-to command centre for everything to do with family instead of paperwork accumulating on my kitchen bench or in my office.



Download your free home organisation printables here.

If you’re a stationery addict like me and love the feeling of a clutter free desk, get to Big W now.  In addition to the Neon Galaxy Big W Stationery, there are also some other lovely collections from SMASH including Other Realm, Urban Graphic and Paint & Play.

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Conquer Paper Clutter with Big W Stationery

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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