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How To Find Motivation For Monday

Monday Motivation

monday motivation

We’ve all experienced the Sunday Blues – that feeling that comes over you at the end of the weekend when returning to your day job is imminent and a full five days of work and its accompanying stresses awaits you. If you’re battling to get motivated to return to work on a Monday, here are some tips to help you on your way:

Prepare your work for Monday on Friday.

If you can get as much of your admin and workload for Monday done on Friday (when you’re in a good pre-weekend mood), you can spend the weekend relaxing rather than worrying about the heap of things you need to do first thing on Monday morning.

Talk to someone

Humans are social creatures and we thrive on connecting and interacting with one another. Make a friend at work that you can chat to over coffee, vent your frustrations, and celebrate your achievements with. When you have someone to look forward to seeing and catching up with after the weekend, returning to work on a Monday won’t seem so bad.

Change your perspective

Instead of dreading work and all the negative things that come along with it, change your outlook on things. There will always be people worse off and better off than you. While you are moaning about going to work, there are people in the world who would love to have a job and provide for themselves and their family. If walking to work makes you miserable, think of the many handicapped people who would love to be able to simply walk, never mind have a job. Giving thanks, having a positive attitude and being grateful for what you have is the one sure path to motivation, happiness and success.

Preparation is key

Here are a few things you could do with your morning routine to make your Monday morning more enjoyable:

Wake up earlier

Set you alarm for half an hour earlier than usual. Knowing you have plenty of time to get ready will make you calmer and put you in a better mood. If you can, exercise – take a run around the block or do a stretching session. The natural feel-good endorphins released from exercising will put you on the right track for a good and successful day.

Play some upbeat music

There’s nothing like some great tunes to get you going in the morning. Put on your favourite songs to put you in a good mood and to make your morning routine more bearable. The happier you are, the more people around you will respond in a positive way, in turning improving your mood for the entire day!

Have a healthy breakfast

Ensuring that you get a good, healthy meal in before work will prevent you from reaching for too many cups of coffee and unhealthy sugary snacks – all things which will perk you up in the short term, but leave you feeling low and irritable when you crash later from your sugar high. A healthy breakfast of slow-releasing carbohydrates like morning oats and fruit will keep you in a good mood for longer. Starting off your week healthily will also make you more likely to keep choosing healthy meals for the rest of the week.

Organise something fun to do on Monday night

Whether it’s coffee and a catch up with a special friend, a fun workout class at the gym, a date with your partner or some me-time in a bubble bath, plan something nice to look forward to on a Monday night. This will make the time fly by at work and Monday won’t seem as bad on the weekend.

Who knows…? Before long, Monday may very well become your most favourite day of the week!

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  1. May 16, 2016 / 10:29 am

    I love Sunday mornings, but Sunday afternoons I dread! back to reality, organising food, lunches, dinners and of course thinking about dreaded Monday. I love the idea of having something to look forward to on Monday evening, I will try that trick next week:) x

  2. May 20, 2016 / 10:58 pm

    My best time of the week probably is Saturday’s morning! Can spend my time with friends and family, likes you’re having all the greatest time of your life and then comes the Monday’s morning. These tricks definitely gonna be useful for me, will try them next week.
    Thanks for sharing.