How To Make Toilet Roll Owls

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of homework. After a day of school, all my preppie wants to do is play and make things like toilet roll owls instead of focusing on sight words or tracing letters. I’m lucky that our prep teacher agrees with this.

So last week when Master E was not keen on homework we changed it up a little and did some craft instead because that’s what he wanted to do. Master E came running into the lounge room with a couple of toilet rolls and asked if we could do something with them.

I remembered seeing something on making little owls using toilet rolls and patty papers. This is exactly what we were going to do and we had a blast doing it. After we made a little owl family, Master E spent the afternoon in imaginary play. So much better than trying to learn words after a whole day at school in my opinion.

How to make a toilet paper owl

Here’s how we made the toilet roll owls

What you will need to make one toilet roll owl

Things you need to make a toilet roll owl

Let’s get started

how to make a toilet roll owl instructions

1. Fold the patty paper/cupcake liner into quarters.
2. Cut a segment like in the picture.
3. Cut the folds until you have four separate pieces like this.

How to make a toilet paper roll owl

4. Fold the top of the toilet roll inwards to make pointy ears
5. Place some glue on one side so you can stick the paper on the front.
6. Stick the first piece of paper towards the bottom.
7. Layer the other pieces of paper as shown in the photo.

how to make a toilet roll owl instructions

Now it’s time to make the owl’s wings.

8. Get the second patty paper and fold it in half.
9. Cut the paper across 90 degrees
10. Cut the paper down the fold as shown in the image.
11. You now have two wings.

how to make a toilet roll owl instructions
12. Stick the wings on the back of the owl so the straight edge is facing upwards.
13. Draw the beak onto the toilet roll.
14. Draw the eyes onto the toilet roll.

Voila! You now how your own toilet paper owl to decorate!

How to make a toilet paper owl pink
These are great for imaginary play, make a whole family! You can even cut the toilet rolls shorter so they can become finger puppets.

There’s seriously nothing better than homemade fun like this.

Enjoy making your toilet roll owls!

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How to make toilet roll owls pin

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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