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I Want To Shine Forever With Cremation Diamonds

I don’t want this post to sound morbid because, the fact is, we are all going to die one day. I must admit, I’ve often thought about what I want done with my body. The traditional burial makes my skin crawl, cremation has been the best option and I also like the idea I’ve seen to be planted in a pod that grows into a tree. But then I came across the idea of being turned into a diamond with cremation diamonds. Just imagine that, being turned into a shiny, precious and rare diamond for your loved ones to carry.  The odds are that you haven’t even heard of a cremation diamond until now, I hadn’t. In fact, the tradition goes way back.

While it’s true that there are some notable differences between the way in which memorial jewellery was perceived in the past and how they are seen now, the purpose has remained unchanged. Cremation diamonds have the goal of keeping the memory of loved ones alive.

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Why Choose a Memorial Diamond?

Cremation diamonds are made from a deceased persons ashes. The main reason why pepople consider a cremation diamond is because such a diamond represents a unique connection to the deceased. This might offer a sense of comfort during the overwhelming grieving process. At the same time, the mere concept of turning something as mundane as ashes into something sparkling and beautiful is striking.

Loss is mixed with an array of emotions. But it’s definitely true that having something that belonged to the deceased is comforting. Long before the invention of memorial diamonds, people would keep locks of hair, pendants, and memorial lockets to keep the memory of their loved ones alive. Hence, one of the motivations is to address the need of having something physical and palpable.

A Unique Alternative to the Traditional Burial

Being buried isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (it’s certainly not mine), plus, the costs of a traditional burial are astronomical. No to mention, it can often be hard for loved ones to visit the grave, particularly if they leave in a different state or country.  On the other hand, cremation diamonds are something else. Loved ones can have them, always. 

Cremation Diamonds Are a Long-Lasting Symbol

Similar to natural diamonds, it’s worth noting that cremation diamonds also last forever. That is to say, a cremation diamond accounts for a long-lasting symbol of a bond shared. Having the unique chance of carrying a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one is a unique and amazing gift, which will stand the test of time. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more practical than carrying around an urn!

In a way,  a cremation diamond celebrates a special connection you had with the deceased. It carries all the feelings and emotions you shared, all the memories you associate with him/her.

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Your Relationship Remains Alive

Most people think that it is difficult to maintain their connection with a deceased. Nonetheless, physical death cannot put an end on the relationship you had. You will always carry that person, the diamond,  with you. And you can literally carry a part of that person with you, always, through a cremation diamond.

A Cremation Diamond Connects the Past with The Future

As life carries on at a fast pace, finding the time to slow down and connect can be a challenge. This is where cremation diamonds come in. Even if a cremation diamond is only an object, it represents a connection of the past and the future. That is to say, it is something you can pass on to future generations, which is pretty unique.

Life can never be the same after the loss of a person that you loved. Many people say that, when someone dear to you dies, they take a piece of your heart with them. And that is definitely true. And during the grieving process, you will go through various stages – acceptance being the last one. Death is part of life, and we should make peace with that; this is what cremation diamonds teach us: that life changes and nothing lasts forever.

As you can see, cremation diamonds are something else. Transforming ashes to diamonds is something unique, allowing loved ones to always keep a part of a person they’ve loved with them.


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I want to shine forever with cremation diamonds

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