Kids and Pets

kids and pets
Today I’d like to welcome Cindy from Your Kids OT as this weeks guest blogger! Cindy is an Occupational Therapist based in Sydney, Australia.  She loves to work creatively with kids to see them reach their potential.  I just love this post Cindy has written for me and hope that Elliott gets the same enrichment from our three new chickens which we welcomed into our home last weekend. 
kids and pets
I caved!
I never thought that we would be pet owners {and lovers}.  I didn’t grow up with pets and my sister has always had a slight {at times significant} fear of animals {sorry J}.
My Miss 7 on the other hand was born with a love for animals.  Big, small, furry, spiky, slimy…it doesn’t really matter. She loves them!
For 7 years I {and Mr YKOT} have been saying “no” to the constant requests…Can we have dog? A cat? A fish? A hermit crab? Pet rock {well she got that one}.
Last year we grew some tadpoles into frogs, releasing them into local pond {with only one not making it}.  The pet-owning-desire {need} was fed.  Oh O! 
Then a lovely friend asked us during the summer holidays if we could babysit their guinea pigs so she could keep them a surprise {as a birthday present for her son}.  With warning that we were not sure we could keep pets alive, we agreed. Oh O! 
It was an inevitable ending… wobbly lower lip and then floods of tears {once out of sight} when those piggies were given back to their intended owner. So I end up where I started. 
I caved!
When I saw Mr YKOT also had fond spot for the piggies, how much they had enriched our lives … and that they managed to survive… I caved! 
Weeks later we set ourselves up with the cages, food, hay and the world of piggie ownership.
kids and pets
Miss 7 and Mr 4 are thrilled! They have learnt lots about looking after a pet … what they eat, how to wash them, how to clean their cage and much more. 
Miss 7 finds comfort in holding her “Emily” (and her brother’s “Tweak”) when she is feeling emotional.  She has pride in her responsibility to look after them {most of the time} and delights in seeing them interact.  She loves them ferociously! I do worry about the time when we will have to say good bye to the piggies {life expectancy is about 4 years} but we will cross that hurdle when we come to it.  Don’t they say…”it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all”?
Do your kids love animals? Do you have pets?

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