Loving Layers with Rockmans

Loving layers with rockmans
When it comes to winter clothing, I’m all about layers.

I have to do the layering thing because I live in sunny Queensland and often, in winter, layers are promptly removed. That’s why I love the Rockmans extended sleeve mixed stripe knit top and the Rockmans long sleeve ombre midi cardigan. The other reason I love them is because although they’re not maternity wear, I could still wear them while I was pregnant!

Rockmans Extended Sleeve Mixed Stripe Knit

Let’s take a closer look at the versatility of this top.

Firstly, it’s the layering ability of this top that allows you to bring extra warmth or take it away. I’ve teamed my top with a long sleeve black cotton top underneath. You could also wear white or a taupe colour. If the weather is a little warmer, simply wear it without. In the photo, I’m wearing my top with a pair of leggings. I could get away with this because the top covered my bum nicely. Alternatively, this top would look great with a pair of black or denim skinny jeans or black pants. Dress it up with some heels or go casual with a pair of flat boots or ballet flats.

Rockmans Extended Sleeve Mixed Stripe Knit Rockmans Extended Sleeve Mixed Stripe Knit

Rockmans Long Sleeve Ombre Midi Cardigan in Medium

I’m a huge fan of the monochrome ombre finish on this cardigan and its longline effect, great for short people like me! Another great piece for layering during the cooler months, you can wear this with so many things. Wear it over sleeveless tops, break up blocks of colour like I have in the photo or bring a more casual look to structured pieces. This is a very versatile piece and I reckon I’ll be bringing it out for years to come. Oh, and the fabric is super lovely and soft.

Rockmans Long Sleeve Ombre Midi Cardigan Rockmans Long Sleeve Ombre Midi Cardigan

Check out the Rockmans Extended Sleeve Mixed Stripe Knit  and the Rockmans Long Sleeve Ombre Midi Cardigan online now before they’re gone!


Disclosure: I was gifted both clothing items for the purpose of sharing in this post. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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