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Why This Mum Recommends Travelling Solo To Bali

My life is quite often hectic, and if I could, you’d find me travelling solo to Bali once a month!

I am a Mum of two beautiful kids aged seven and four years with our youngest being diagnosed with Autism. I am a wife to an awesome husband who worked FIFO for five years; he came home to work last year thank goodness! I work part-time as a radiographer that involves three days per week and on call overnight and weekends. I am involved in our community and in 2016 suffered a huge stroke that was very close to being fatal. You can find my eye-opening story on my blog but I warn you, it is best read with a glass of wine in hand!

travelling solo to bali seminyak

Why I love solo travel

I love my family with all my heart, but I crave quiet, alone time. As parents, we don’t mean to change when we have kids but, it is impossible not to. The shift after having kids is immense and to be able to free the mind from the everyday grind has allowed me to re-evaluate my goals and how to best blend them into our family’s life.

I really enjoy that my job involves driving once per week 300kms in the car by myself, it gives space for my thoughts to filter without the constant banter of the kids in the background. I have always been quite the independent soul that after being married for six months travelled to Egypt by myself to meet my cousin on an Intrepid trip without hubby. He wasn’t keen to go and supportive of my travel passion so off I went.

My first solo trip to Bali

I first visited Bali solo in 2016 when the kids were five and two years. I must admit that I did become a bit teary as I drove to the airport leaving my family behind, but, as I enjoyed champagne in the Qantas Business Lounge, I was determined to enjoy my me time.

What a trip! I spent four nights in Ubud walking, enjoying massages, drinking hot coffee and sleeping. It was absolute bliss, and even though I missed the kids, I felt a part of me return that I hadn’t seen for a very long time. I also found I was more open to chatting with strangers and met so many lovely people while I was sitting by myself in cafes.

Ubud and Seminyak

Ubud for me was the perfect place for me to completely escape, physically and mentally. The green hills, the ancient structures, the art scene and treasure troves, it’s so easy to reconnect here; I would highly recommend staying here on a solo trip to Bali.

Ubud sunset travelling solo in Bali

Ubud sunset

There are so many other amazing women doing the solo women travel thing that I felt comfortable being by myself. My experience in Seminyak was slightly different as it is such a great place to enjoy with friends and family.

Ridge Walk in Ubud

travelling solo to bali ubud solo walks

One of the Ubud solo walks

So this year, I have booked myself into Little Bali Love’s Mums only retreat. Hubby is happy to take over the kid duties, even though I’m sure he’s hoping for no bath poo incidences this time! I find that as Mums, we are the organisers of the household; we know everything that is going on and Dads can sometimes feel they don’t have the opportunity to do it their way.

My first solo travel to Bali showed me that yes; Dad and the kids can survive. It may not have been exactly the way I would have done it, but the kids loved their special time alone with Dad. Grandparents can also be lovely enough to help if you are a single parent. If you are doing the single parent gig, you well and truly deserve solo time away.

So take some time away by yourself, it might be travelling Solo to Bali like me, or something a little a little closer to home. Only good things can happen to your head, soul and family.

Why This Mum Recommends Travelling Solo To Bali

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