The Real Reason Christmas Starts Earlier Each Year And Why I Want It To Stop

I don’t know about your neighbourhood, but I’ve looked around mine and have noticed that this year, people are putting up Christmas lights and decorations a lot earlier than usual. There also seems to be a lot more people at the shops, shopping like Christmas is in a weeks time.

When I first noticed this, I thought that it must be because people want to hold onto that cheerful Christmas spirit for longer considering all the negativity that seems to be happening in the world these days. Heck, we have even put our Christmas tree up already, and it’s not even December yet. Putting up the tree earlier is a new frontier for me of all people because I’ve always been one of those people who MUST wait until December 1st to do anything of such kind.

Starting Christmas Early
Delaney Dawson

But the sooner I had these ideas about starting Christmas early, the sooner I changed my mind and developed a theory of what it could be that’s making everyone start Christmas that bit earlier, even if this theory is solely directed at me.

It’s busyness.

There’s a trend happening

Could it be that over the years, just like everyday life, we have started to try and fit so much into our lives that we now need to give ourselves, even more, time for Christmas? I can’t remember being so overwhelmed this time of year.

Last week I decided to write a to-do list on my kitchen blackboard, and gosh, it was never-ending.  Teacher gifts to buy, Christmas food for my son’s class party, food for another daycare break up, more end of year breakups and get-togethers with friends, Christmas shows, a school Christmas fair, family presents, and the list goes on.

I look at my calendar, and I don’t think I have one spare day left. I had agreed with some girlfriends to have dinner before Christmas, and I’m not sure when I’ll fit it in.  We talk about overscheduling our kids, so are we overscheduling ourselves and our families at Christmas time? Are we not giving ourselves a break to enjoy the time of the year and soak up the Christmas spirit?

To me, this is a reflection of life in general and something I’ve written about in my post about being busy. Are we just too busy being busy? Is it worth the stress, the anxiety and lack of happiness during which should be a wonderful time of year?

Changing our approach

Carl Phillips for The Huffington Post suggests a few ways to change our approach to the silly season:

  • Recognise your limits and when you have to slow down
  • What’s important? Do these first.
  • Get rid of the noise and the things that aren’t that important.
  • Realise that you’re not superwoman (or Santa for that matter) and that you can’t do it all.
  • Take some time out from tech
  • Enjoy some time for yourself
  • Take time just to be present with your family.

It’s easier said than done, I know, but at least if you are aware of the situation and know of ways to make the silly season less silly, you may just end up enjoying it for what it is, in the end. I know that I need to.

Good luck!

P.S. Just so there’s one less thing you have to think about this Christmas, here are links to some Christmas recipes and Christmas Fun for Kids.

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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