Review: The Dyson Cool Bladeless Fan

Review: Dyson Cool Bladeless Fan

I was super lucky enough to have one of these space age looking fans given to me for a review. We have an almost 100 year old workers cottage with no ceiling fans and so we were really keen to see if the Dyson Cool fan would make a great alternative to our pedestal fans. We do have air conditioning but I’ve never been a fan (pardon the pun) because I love a nice breeze and I dislike the big power bill we get when we rely on air conditioning.

I’d seen the Dyson Cool bladeless fan a few times but never knew how they worked. I mean, how does air come out of the hole? The fan uses Air Multiplier™ technology which amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.

It all looks quite magical. It was explained to me but I thought it might be easier for you to see it in this diagram.

I decided that I’d break this particular review up into Pros and Cons so to be transparent.



  • I love the look of this fan. It stands 30cm tall and sits perfectly on our television cabinet in our lounge room and doesn’t take up as much space as a pedestal fan. It’s really nice and compact.
  • The fact that it is bladeless is perfect in a house with a toddler and is a lot safer. The number of times I had visions of Elliott sticking his little fingers into the blades is countless, thankfully we don’t have to worry about that with this fan.

Dyson Cool Safe

  • It has a little remote control that is magnetic and sits on top of the fan. Not only is this great for when you’re feeling a bit lazy and want to change the speed or movement, it means it doesn’t get lost as easily.

Dyson Cool remote control

  • The fan actually pivots from the base.

Dyson Cool Touch Tilt

  • It has a timer so you can set it to turn off after pre-set intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours, perfect if it’s in the room with young children.

Dyson Cool sleep timer

  • The flow of air is constant and well directed.
  • It has an oscillating function

Dyson Cool oscillation control

  • It’s SO much easier to keep clean because there are no blades to gather dust.

Dyson Cool easy to clean

  • We’ve also discovered that the fan makes for a great balloon game. While hitting a balloon around our lounge room with Elliott, the fan sucked the balloon through the circle and spat it out. Elliott was quite amused and the fan soon became our goal.



  • It’s a little noisier than I expected, from the look of it I expected it to be super quiet but it was not much quieter than a normal pedestal fan.
  • I found it a little frustrating that when I would turn it on and then sit down, the oscillating function actually turns itself off when you turn off the power so you have to reset it. I’m used to a pedestal fan where once you turn the oscillating function on, it remains on that setting even if you turn off the power.
  • I think the price tag of $449 is a little bit out of our league if we were to go and purchase the fans for the rest of the house. I would want to see a remarkable drop in electricity savings before considering that type of outlay. Apparently 40% less power is consumed with this fan.


Do you have a Dyson Cool? Are you a fan (lol)?


Images from Dyson

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  1. LydiaCLee
    February 23, 2015 / 5:50 am

    I saw them at the Bloggers Brunch and thought they looked very cool (geddit?). Didn’t notice the noise…Liked you could stick your hand thru it like magic (but I am very easily amused)