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How To Save The Earth With A Rubbish Free Lunch Box

In collaboration with Biome Eco Stores

There’s always loads of talk about the importance of a rubbish free lunch box for kids at school, but what about the adults?

I absolutely cringed when I caught my husband packing his lunch – his sandwiches wrapped in glad wrap and biscuits put into plastic snap lock bags. As adults, we can do better when it comes to packing a waste-free lunch for work.

Last year was my first year packing school lunches and so I quickly learnt the potential for waste.

rubbish free lunch box

As the year went on, I got better at creating an environmentally friendly lunchbox but I was somewhat gobsmacked to hear this statistic:

A child’s average disposable school lunch produces approximately 30 kilograms of waste per child every year. To put this into perspective, 30kg fills a 240L wheelie bin or equals 180 CO2e (CO2 equivalent) kg a year.

This made me realise that if a child can produce that much waste with the food they eat, just image how much waste an adult produces!

It’s the chip packets, sealed snack bags and pre-packaged yoghurt containers that make up this waste and with adults, throw in takeaway coffee cups and bottled water.

The time is now, to start being mindful of your impact and focus on a rubbish free lunch. Here are some tips.

An adult’s checklist to a rubbish free lunch box

  1. Invest in a non-toxic and durable lunchbox. Click here to check out YumBox Lunch Boxes like the one pictured below.
  2. Swap plastic for beeswax wraps. Click here to check out the Queen B Beeswax Wraps I use (pictured).
  3. Swap disposable water bottles with reusable stainless steel, glass or BPA free plastic water bottles. I’m in love my S’well Stainless Steel water bottle in Oahu design (pictured). It keeps contents hot or cold. You can check it out here. I also love the glass water bottle with cover by BBYO. You can check it out here.
  4. Swap single-use sandwich bags for reusable sandwich bags. We like to use Lunchskins Sandwich Bags (not pictured).
  5. Swap plastic utensils for stainless steel, BPA free plastic or bamboo cutlery.
  6. Swap pre-packaged yoghurt tubs for reusable stainless steel or BPA free plastic containers.
  7. Carry a KeepCup in your bag and use it for your coffee instead of takeaway coffee cups. My large Keep Cup (pictured) is Custard Apple. Check it out and other designs here.
rubbish free lunch box

From Biome Eco Stores: Pink YumBox | S’well Stainless Steel Drink Bottle in Oahu | Keep Cup in Custard Apple| Medium Queen Bee Beeswax Wrap

S'well drink bottle

S’well Oahu Drink Bottle

waste free lunch

From Biome Eco Stores: BBBYO Glass Water Bottle with cover in Sealeaf Design

So next time you’re putting your work lunch together of a morning or when you next go grocery shopping, stop and think about how you can better help the environment and take a rubbish free lunch box to work instead. Even better, be the voice in your workplace and encourage your coworkers to adopt the same approach to their lunch and the environment.

How to save the earth with a rubbish free lunchbox

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