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Self-Care For Mums: 8 Ways To Shower In Peace And Not Feel Like A Crazy Person

How many times have you dreamed of having a relaxing shower, doing your hair, makeup and brushing your teeth without having to worry about a screaming toddler in destruction mode? Self-care for mums always seems so unattainable.

self-care for mums

You’ve tried locking your toddler in the bathroom with you hoping they’ll play with their toys. Instead, they unravel your entire supply of toilet paper, put their hands all over the toilet bowl, play with the toilet brush, open the cupboards that were supposed to be secured with child locks and poured cream all over the floor. Sound familiar?

It’s a shit fight, right? Particularly when you’re left to do it on your own because your partner isn’t home. It’s not a nice way to start the day either.

But don’t give up on your self-care just yet, here are some other self-care strategies you can try to tame your toddler, get your sanity back and some necessary self-care into your life.

Shower at night

It’s been your routine for years, you love your morning shower, but now it might be time to accept that a shower at night after your kids go to bed is going to be the best option. Shower at night, enjoy it and all you have to worry about in the morning is hair and makeup.

Put the kids in the bath

Depending on their ages, get the kids to have a bath while you’re in the shower. You’re right there and can keep an eye on them. Alternatively, if they’re a bit younger, put them in an empty bath with toys. Spray bottles filled with water work well and filling cups with water works well too.

Breakfast in the bathroom

If you have the room, drag your little ones high chair into the bathroom and let them eat their breakfast (or dinner) while you shower.

Early rise

If you genuinely savour your morning shower and if you don’t have a super early riser, your best bet may be to wake up early in the morning to be able to enjoy a shower and get ready before your kids wake up.

Shower together

When all else fails, try having a shower together. Most of the time, toddlers will be happy to sit and play while you do your thing.

Shower at the gym

If you’re a member of a gym, it’s highly likely there’s a crèche. Take advantage of this marvellous situation! Do your workout and enjoy a nice hot shower afterwards while your kids are happy. Now that’s making the most of your membership!

Make use of the porta cot

The porta cot is peace of mind for you while you shower. Put it in your bathroom or just outside the door, give them some toys and enjoy your shower. Yes, your child might scream when you put them in there, but at least you know they’re safe and won’t be getting into anything they’re not supposed to.

Baby-proof, baby-proof!

If your child’s happy place is in their bedroom or playroom with their toys, baby proof it with a baby gate and make sure there’s nothing they can get hold of that they shouldn’t.  Enjoy a quick shower while they happily play, come back and check them and then continue getting ready.

Self care for mums: Basic but necessary

As basic as a shower and getting ready may seem, it’s so important for you to be able to do it without the stress or worry. Being able to do it full stop is the essential self-care for mums, we’re talking ten minutes or so here. Don’t deny yourself. If having a relaxing shower hasn’t been working for you, give some of these ideas ago because, in motherhood, you should always put yourself first.

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