SlapDash Galaxy by Bunk Puppets – A Must See Shadow Puppet Show at Ipswich Art Gallery

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Having seen the fabulous Swamp Juice and Sticks Stones Broken Bones by Bunk Puppets at our local gallery, the Ipswich Art Gallery, we were very excited to see the preview of SlapDash Galaxy, a show about puppets in space encountering all sorts of strange creatures. It’s on these September School Holidays 2018!

Before the SlapDash Galaxy shadow puppet show 

Before the show started, the kids were kept entertained, creating their own shadow puppets in the foyer and then taking them on a trip to the moon!

slapdash galaxy

slapdash galaxy bunk puppets ipswich art gallery

When the usher honked the horn, it was show time! We made our way up to the intimate theatrette, got ourselves comfortable on the chairs and comfy cushions and waited for the story of two brothers, Sam and Junior, to unravel.

Sam and Junior in SlapDash Galaxy

Sam and Junior decide to escape their desolate planet in search for somewhere better to live. They take off into the galaxy, but curious Junior gets them into trouble, particularly with a gigantic pirate ship and a huge monster spider. Will they find a new home somewhere in the galaxy, or will the pirates get the better of them? That’s for you to find out when you see the show!

SlapDash Galaxy Shadow Puppet Show Ipswich Art Gallery

Even after seeing previous shadow puppet shows by Bunk Puppets, I was still overawed by the absolute talent of the puppeteer, David Geddes, and how he brought to life pieces of cardboard, feathers, balls, boxes and water bottles. Incredible!

Shadow Puppet Magic for Kids (and adults)

I continued to look over at my six-year-old and two-year-old and each time I looked, they were mesmerised.  Mesmerised by the magic of the puppets being transformed by light into shadows on the screen, mesmerised by the special effects of the ‘smoke’ machine that blew big vortex like circles across the room. The mirror ball that threw magical light across the room and had kids marvelling at the patterns. It’s amazing how easily your imagination takes over in this show; it really does take you on the journey into space; just imagine what it’s like for kids!

SlapDash Galaxy for kids

Not only is the show magical for little imaginations, but it also makes everyone laugh. David gives each character their own quirky voice and each character tends to say silly things in a certain way that has everyone laughing. David also interacts with the audience and gets the children really engaged. He flies spaceships through the audience; sometimes the spaceship even lands on a head or two! If you’re lucky, David might choose you to help in the show!

Slap Dash Galaxy

More info about SlapDash Galaxy at the Ipswich Art Gallery

The show runs for 55 minutes, the perfect length of time for little one’s attention span and it’s 55 minutes of pure fun and imagination; it’s what being a kid is all about, and I can highly recommend it these school holidays.

Good to know: Recommended for ages 5+. There are some scenes in this show that could be a tad scary for children under five. My two-year-old daughter attended and was fine but more sensitive children might be affected. You can sit with them on your lap if you wish.

Booking Info For SlapDash Galaxy by Bunk Puppets

Ipswich Art Gallery – D’Arcy Doyle Place, Ipswich

When: Saturday 22nd September to Sunday 7th October 2018

Times: Click here for times and to book & pay BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Cost: $7 per person (FREE for under two not occupying a seat)

Bookings: Click here to book online


Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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