4 New Kids Books You’ll Love To Buy For Christmas or Any Occasion

Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea by Coral Vass

Published by Koala Books

Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d normally steer clear of books which portray little girls as princess-types wearing pink and playing tea parties.

At first glance the children’s book A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea depicts a group of young girls dolled up in hats and high heels and giggling over a floral tea set.

Here we go, I thought. Another story with girlie girls covered in accessories and behaving like little ladies blah blah blah ….

But then there’s that old saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’

A few pages into this carefully illustrated book, the real story unfolds with a delightful kind of rhythm and rhyme which never fails to capture my kids’ attention.

We learn that when some pesky boys aim to ruin the girls’ party, Annabelle Mae and her mates are creative and resilient enough to turn a posh afternoon into a fun-filled event, no matter what.

With its important message that we should always try to make magic with what life throws at us, this book gets my tick of approval.

Eric the Postie by Matt Shanks

Published by Scholastic Australia

Eric the Postie

What’s a little echidna to do in order to fulfil his career dreams?

Never give up, of course.

So when Eric wants to be a postie, he makes a creative plan to prove to everyone he’s the guy for the job.

Matt Shanks, the author and illustrator behind this adorable narrative, delivers a message of hard work and persistence – a little reminder for us all to keep on keeping on.

Countless talking points arose from this book. My six year old had a lot to say about what jobs echidnas would be good at and also, what setbacks Eric might encounter when trying to deliver the mail (for example, echidnas can’t read, he says).

The book then led to a discussion about what his dream job would be and this burning question: “is your job your dream job Mummy?” Wow kid, that was deep.

Beautiful watercolour illustrations really make this story. The inclusion of our unique Australian animals as characters give the book a nice Down Under feel.

I will definitely be pulling this bedtime story out as a go-to book about dreams and perseverance.

The Great Rabbit Chase by Freya Blackwood

Published by Scholastic Australia

The Great Rabbit Chase

A cute little tale about a girl and her pet rabbit and how a community comes together – this book is a relaxing, winding-down at the end of the day story with a few hidden surprises.

The Great Rabbit Chase is the long-awaited book from award-winning illustrator Freya Blackwood.  It follows the story of a pet rabbit called Gumboots which escapes and causes all sorts of hullabalwqtr6dfgloo as he bounces through the town.

As the chase continues through the streets, several people join in the search for Gumboots and these characters are given life through the beautiful, detailed watercolour illustrations.

On the inside cover there is a bird’s eye view of Gumboot’s journey and a sweet little board game you can play with dice. Bonus!

Stubborn Stanley by Nathaniel Eckstrom

Published by Scholastic

Stubborn Stanley

It must be the teacher in me but I am a big fan of stories which portray children outside building, creating, playing and above all, learning.

This book, written and illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom, hits the nail on the head with all of my picky requirements.

It’s about a boy named Stanley who loves creating his own inventions but the problem is, he wants to work alone. Only alone.

Stanley won’t let anyone help him until one day something catches his eye and he changes his mind. He then teams up with his friend Martha and together the two of them inspire other kids in the neighbourhood to get amongst it and build all sorts of contraptions in the great outdoors.

A straightforward story about learning to work as part of a team, this book delivers a worthwhile message for any of our little people who are a tiny bit stubborn (aren’t they all?).

Or, this book could be a little hint for anyone who thinks they can take on huge jobs solo (mums and dads included).

Suited for children between three and six-years-old, this is a short book and could very easily be the one you reach for when your cherubs beg for “just one more book!”

Amelia Holloway

Amelia Holloway

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