The Best Beauty Products, Tips and Treatments For Winter

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Winter his well and truly here and, for you beauty lovers, this means it’s time to swap out summer essentials for winter must-haves. While we’re fortunate not to have to endure temps that are too frigid, winter does mean a dip from those hot summer days.

As the temperature changes, so might your skin. While, yes, you always should wear sunscreen despite the thermostat, other products in your arsenal need to be updated. Here’s a list of what you need in your beauty drawer when the season shifts.

best winter beauty products


When the temps dip around the continent, you’ll likely be a bit more covered. This means that your face will see less of those plentiful rays of the sun and your complexion may change. Switch up the darker hues of foundation and powders for lighter hues that reflect your complexion. Your foundation and face makeup should always match the rest of your skin…unless you want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

Winter is also a time to pull in richer velvety hues for lips or eyes. Go bolder with a berry or wine lip. Or embrace the season with warmer shades of shadow. If you wear a bolder lip, keep the rest of your look a bit more understated. If you accent your eyes with bolder smokier shadows, then keep the lip natural or choose a subtle shade.

At the moment Natio has a lovely range of creamy, moisturising lipsticks with a great colour range for under $12. I bought a Natio Lipstick this week in Orchid and it’s definitely one of the best lipsticks I’ve bought for that price.

Natio Lip Colour


Some jewellery just screams winter. While there are no seasonal rules on what gemstones and colours you should wear for each season. Deep velvet hued gems like sapphires, emeralds and rubies evoke the richness of winter hues. Icy diamonds always remain in season. Some believe that certain crystals and gemstones also may promote calmness or alleviate stress. But don’t be afraid of going bold and having a bit of fun. Winter doesn’t have to mean dull!  The jewellery from Ruby Olive reflects this perfectly!

Ruby Olive Art Series Disc Collar Necklace

Ruby Olive Art Series Disc Collar Necklace

Ruby Olive Reversible Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace

Ruby Olive Reversible Wonderland Flat Disc Necklace

Do Some Winter Cleaning

After the warmer summer and spring months, you may also realize that your beauty products are overflowing. Many cosmetics have a shelf life, but it varies per product. If you can’t remember when you last used or purchased a product, toss it. And mascara should be thrown out after a few months. If any product has an unusual odour or if your powders are cracking, then it’s best to purchase replacements. For more tips on when to replace your makeup, read this post. 

Give your hair brushes and your makeup brushes a thorough cleaning at home. Use soap and oil to clean makeup brushes. For a tutorial, check out Makeup Geek. Any applicator that cannot be cleaned should be tossed and replenished. This includes cheaper sponges and applicators that came with eyeshadows. You can buy new ones cheaply at the local chemist.


Some of us have sensitive skin that gets drier or irritated as the temps shift downward. Invest in richer moisturizers or face oils if you notice that your skin is becoming a bit flaky. I love the Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream to keep my skin nourished and protected to ward off dryness and irritation. We can also highly recommend Get Up And Glow face oil from Skin Boss, it’s the best face oil for dry skin because it’s 100% natural and contains Argan oil to help lock in moisture; a Moroccan beauty secret that doesn’t typically clog pores.Get up and glow face oil skin bossCheck out some other great face products to keep your skin nicely hydrated and youthful, including Skin Boss’s Sleep On It face oil, here.

Hair Today…

Lower temps may mean less hair washing. Personally, summer finds me in the shower sudsing up my hair twice a day. I know, I know. But I hate the sweaty messy feel of summer. Cooler temps—and less sweat—may mean you can go longer between shampoos. Some curly girls, though, avoid the ‘poo anyway! If you simply cannot go without washing your hair for long periods, why not try using a dry shampoo? It means no wet hair on a cold night or morning, it’s quick and easy and no need to spend time blow drying your hair!

Batiste Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo 200 mL


While you may be sad to see summer temps fade away, the cooler winter is a welcome change. As the weather changes, though, swap out those old products and beauty rituals to prepare for winter air. Your skin and hair may have different needs, and those summer cosmetic hues won’t work for winter. Use the new season to revamp your beauty needs and welcome the cooler season with a beautiful look.

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Gwen Lewis

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