Why Dressing Up Isn’t Vain


Why Dressing Up Isn't Vain

Do you ever see that well put together woman as you schlep to school drop off in your sweatpants and think. ‘She’s so vain.’

Perhaps she is vain, stuck up bitch-face bitch from hell.  Or….perhaps she just feels better when she dresses up.  Dressing well leads to feeling well and when implemented over a period of time can even lead to a serious strut!

Yes, getting dressed up takes time out of our day

The time that could be spent scrolling on our phones, pressing the snooze button or dedicating to the betterment of our spouse and offspring.  I know what I would rather do.

Yes, slipping into your snazzy pants can feel strange

Wearing our ‘dressy’ clothes can feel a little uncomfortable after a spell in the land of loungewear.  It takes some adjusting to.  Baby steps help bridge the transition between full-slobbette and supermodel.  Adding a snazzy pant is obviously step one.

Yes, you might get compliments

Brace yourself ladies.  People may actually say nice things to you.  This can be very tough to take if you are used to the constant nagging and whinging of your children and haven’t been the recipient of a kind word in quite some time.  Here’s a tip.  Just say “Thank you.”  Then smile smugly to yourself for being such a fashion goddess.

Do you suffer from a fear of dressing up?


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Bron Sheridan

Bron is a Melbourne stylist and mum to three girls.She believes in the power of dressing up at any age and wants to empower women through their wardrobes. www.fatbummum.com
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