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About Me

Hi, I’m Eva, the woman behind The Multitasking Woman.

I am a Mummy to my six year old son and one year old daughter and am married to my husband whom I refer to as ‘Mr. G’. We live in our 96-year-old workers cottage on the outskirts of Brisbane which we have been part way through renovating for about three years now! We made a huge tree change to live here but it was worth it and it has introduced me to my new found loves of local history, vintage & antique wares and gardening in our garden full of roses and fruit trees.

My career has been quite a whirlwind and started with this very blog. It was The Multitasking Mummy that started my love for writing and digital media. Beforehand my work didn’t have anything to do with writing or digital media, in fact, I worked mostly in Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Management!

My love and knack for writing and digital media prompted me to start my own business as a virtual assistant where I started freelance writing and managing social media for various businesses. One thing lead to another and only 3 years after starting this blog I have had experience as a Digital Editor, numerous copywriting projects, article writing and am currently Social & Digital Campaigns Manager and writer for a Queensland based parenting magazine.

It’s certainly been hard work, I’ve taken many risks and have thrown myself into the deep end on many occasions, but its paid off and I can happily say that I have a career that I absolutely love.

About The Multitasking Woman blog

The Multitasking Woman started it’s life as The Multitasking Mummy back in July 2012 and underwent its name change and rebrand in October 2015. From this point and to January 2018 I have predominantly written about parenting until I decided it was time for a change.

I realised that although I am a mum, I am so many other things too.  I have so many interests and goals. I realised that if I fell that way, other mums do too. This is why I have changed TMW’s focus to be a women’s lifestyle blog that helps ALL women kick ass.

My goal is that for every piece of content that is published, it must be able to help a woman fist pump the air in some way after they read it, encouraged to give something a go, inspired to try something new, filled with newfound confidence or come out with a new perspective.

If you’d like to work with The Multitasking Woman, please visit my work with me page.

Please contact me for more information at eva@themultitaskingwoman.com.au

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