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The Multitasking Woman – An Australian Women’s Self-Care and Wellbeing Blog

Hi, I’m Eva, the woman behind The Multitasking Woman and it’s my mission to help busy women prioritise their mental health amongst life’s juggles.

Eva Lewis The Multitasking Woman


I am a Mummy to my seven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. I’m sure my daughter is my karma in disguise. I am married to my husband, whom I refer to as ‘Mr. G’ and with our dog Benny and seven chickens, we live in our 100-year-old worker’s cottage on the outskirts of Brisbane.

A big career change

My digital marketing career has been quite a whirlwind, and all started with this very blog back in mid-2012 when my son was 6-months old. I started the blog because I was bored and had heard of blogging as something fun to do. Back then the blog was called, ‘The Multitasking Mummy’, more a parenting focused blog; it’s where my love for writing and digital media all started.

I’m actually quite thankful that my previous employer were a bunch of arses, telling me that my position no longer existed right before returning back to work from maternity leave. Because of that, I had to make quick decisions, we had a mortgage to pay.  I began writing, and I started managing social media profiles for other businesses. I began to realise that not only did I love it, I was also good at it, and I took the plunge, starting my own business as a virtual assistant. Considering my work pre-kids was predominantly in occupational health and safety and quality systems auditing, it was a huge and welcome change.

Seven plus years later…

Since those early days, I’ve spent thousands of hours reading, listening and learning. I’ve worked as a Digital Editor, Social Media Manager and Digital Campaigns Manager for a Queensland based parenting lifestyle magazine. I’ve also had articles published in print, and I’ve written for my city’s tourism website. I’ve spoken on ABC radio (nerve-wracking!) plus I’ve completed numerous copywriting projects and written hundreds of articles for various niches. In July 2019, I opened my Digital Marketing business, Mandala Digital. It’s here I provide copywriting, content writing, SEO, Social Media services, and consulting to a handful of clients. I am also the Digital Marketing Manager for Hot & Healthy Global – a fabulous support network for women in business.

It’s certainly been hard work though, I’ve taken many risks and have thrown myself into the deep end on many occasions, but it paid off. I can happily say that I have a career that I love, something I didn’t think existed eight years ago.

Throw in a curveball

In 2017, a little over a year after having my daughter, I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It has been an absolute roller coaster ride since then. But, in that time, I’ve been on a quest to live a lifestyle that supports my mental health, including quitting alcohol. It is this quest that lead me to change the focus of TMW to mindset and wellbeing for women; it just made sense.

My goal for The Multitasking Woman

Through TMW, I aim to encourage busy women to fill their cup first amongst the juggling of family, work and relationships, to achieve their goals and dreams. My focus is mental health but this includes many things including emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

I do my best to ensure that each piece of content I publish helps a busy woman fist pump the air in some way. I want to encourage women to give something a go despite adversity. I want to inspire women to try something new, filled with newfound confidence or even to develop a new perspective. I also share a lot of my journey with mental illness and what has helped me. I know that so many other women are in a similar circumstance yet feel very lost and alone; I hope that me sharing my experience can change this.

If you are a brand that would like to work with The Multitasking Woman, please visit my work with me page. You can see some of my work here.

Please note, I am located in Brisbane, Australia.

Please contact me for more information at eva@themultitaskingwoman.com.au

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