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Printable Affirmation Cards

I’m a huge believer in the use of positive affirmation cards because of their ability to help you change your negative mindset into a positive one. Each day when I sit at my desk I pull one of my random printable affirmation cards from the pile and really focus on the message, often reminding myself of it throughout the day.

I’d love everyone to be able to experience the power positive affirmations have on mindset and have designed a set of bright and positive ones with some of my favourite and most powerful affirmations to help increase your confidence, to encourage you and bring a little self-love into your world.

stack of affirmation cards


Printable affirmation cards – what you’ll get

Please note, these are digital affirmation cards meaning, after you make your payment, you will receive an instant digital download. There will be no physical item shipped to you.

Once your payment is processed you will receive: 

  • 1 x Digital Download (PDF) with 2 pages
  • A total of 18 different affirmation cards (9 cards per page)
  • Print on A4 size paper
  • Each card is 8.4cm x 5.8cm

affirmation cards ready to print on tablet


How you can use your positive affirmation cards (printable)

There are so many ways to use your affirmation cards once you’ve printed them. Keep them on your desk at work and read one before you start working each morning, pin them on your mood board, stick them in your journal or diary, pin them on your noticeboard, fridge, bathroom mirror or even on the back of the toilet door. The more places you stick these affirmations, the more opportunities there are to remind yourself!

printable positive affirmation cards


Affirmation cards printable – how to print

Once you have made your payment, your file will be available to download without watermarks.
Once you download the file, save it to your computer. If you have any problems downloading, please email eva <at> themultitaskingwoman.com

You can print this file on your home computer, via an online print shop such as Vistaprint or your local print shop. Please note that colours may vary to the actual file.

For longer-lasting positive affirmation cards, consider printing them on card stock or if you print on paper, laminating the cards will protect them for longer.

Cut each card with scissors and a steady hand or using a guillotine.

Printable Affirmation Cards First Page Example

This is not the actual size of the printable affirmation cards. This is an example only.


This is a digital item; NO REFUNDS on digital downloads.

Copyright Notice: Files may be printed for personal use only and may not be re-sold or used for commercial purposes.

Eva Lewis