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Everyday Calorie Burning Activities for Women who Hate the Gym

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults should exercise for at least 2 ½ hours performing moderate to intense activities and another 2 hours engaging in muscle-strengthening activities. But did you know that you do not have to visit a gym every week to get enough exercise? Sometimes we do exercises without even realizing it. Have fun, build strength and endurance, and gain confidence by doing simple everyday activities that double as exercise! Here are some of the great daily activities that will help you burn more calories and feel great while doing them.

#1 Shopping

The phrase “running errands” has running in it for a reason. Yes, shopping at the grocery store can be considered an exercise! This is because of the amount of time that is not only spent walking around a store but also pushing a shopping cart full of goods. For the best results, load up on heavy items first and then spend at least an hour walking around the store pushing the shopping cart. This will help to burn the calories while building strength in both your arms and legs.

shopping for exercise

#2 Household Chores & DIY Projects

Cleaning a home has been shown to burn many calories. Activities around the house like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the windows are all everyday chores that can count as exercise. In fact, when it comes to vacuuming alone, it is estimated that the average person can burn nearly 120 calories every 30 minutes. The same holds true for many DIY projects around the home like painting. Painting a home’s interior walls will work out your arms, stretch them and strengthen them while also saving you money. Such activities are great news for multi-tasking mums who may not have time to head to the gym on a regular basis but still need to get things completed around the house.

cleaning for exercise

#3 Playing with Children

There is no argument that children are full of energy! Take advantage of this by spending time with children as they play. Join children on the trampoline, in the pool, or accompany them as they ride their bikes throughout the neighbourhood. There are so many fun activities that children partake in that will quickly burn the calories and get you active. Consider running around with them in the yard or take a trip to the park. Parents can also strengthen their arms by simply lifting children in the air! Such activities will make a huge impact on your physical health and your overall well-being while spending quality time with your little ones who will certainly appreciate it.

playing for exercise

#4 Gardening

Gardening is another normal, everyday activity that you can rely on to get some much needed physical fitness in. The motions of repetitively bending and standing to tend a garden are excellent ways to stretch and build your leg muscles while also getting some fresh air. For instance, the deep knee bends associated with cultivating a garden are a great way to build your hamstring muscles while giving your legs more definition. Other activities like pruning, watering, and pulling up weeds are just as effective when it comes to working out in such a non-conventional way.

gardening for exercise

#5 Walking the Dog

Exercising with your dog is an excellent everyday activity that will not only help you reach your exercise goals but it will benefit your furry pal’s health as well. Walking is an excellent exercise that has many proven benefits. Those who walk are able to maintain their weight, they lower their risk of heart disease and they have overall improved moods. These benefits are enhanced when your favourite pet comes along for the occasion! Walking the dog is a great way to spend time with your pet while enjoying the great outdoors as you both benefit from a brisk walk that burns the calories.

walk the dog for exercise

Everyday activities like household chores, running errands, and walking your dog are all considered exercise. Any of these free exercises that do not require a gym membership can help you burn calories, lose weight and feel your greatest. Achieve all of your physical fitness accomplishments and stay motivated by making the most of your everyday activities today!

Gwen Lewis