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Fitness Goals That Are Better Than Losing Weight

If you ask most women to tell you about their fitness goals, 9 out of 10 will say the same thing –  they want to lose weight. And who would be surprised? Let’s be honest – most of us wouldn’t complain about dropping a size or two, and watching the numbers melt away on the scale can be pretty motivating if you struggle to hit the gym regularly.

However, the scale is definitely NOT the best indicator of progress when it comes to pursuing fitness. If you rely on your weight alone to track your progress, it can be easy to find yourself pissed when you see the numbers on the scale creep up – even when you know the extra half-kilo is from the burrito you just inhaled.

If you’re chasing fitness, there are lots of goals to choose from that don’t involve counting calories or dropping kilos. Whether it’s walking 10,000 steps a day or walking 10k, set a goal you’ll be proud to achieve – something that’ll make you feel like a badass.

Short on ideas? Here are some for you.

5 Fitness goals WAY better than losing weight

Run a marathon – or a 5k

Maybe you love to run. Perhaps the thought of running makes you want to vomit. Wherever you’re at, consider setting a goal around running. If you’re one of the lucky few who can easily find the elusive ‘runner’s high’, this can be an opportunity to push yourself even farther. Comfortable with a 10k? Consider signing up for a marathon and train your way to the top.

If you’re firmly in the “running is the worst” crowd, challenge yourself to a 5k and push your limits. Learning to run is about taking it slow and start with a slow pace and set walking and jogging intervals. After a number of weeks, you’ll start to find it easier to run without stopping and eventually, you’ll reach your goal.

Aside from working on your cardio and building your endurance, realising how far you can move with your own two feet can be a huge confidence boost.

fitness goals run 5k

Squat your bodyweight

Weightlifting and strength training, in general, are great ways for ladies to stay fit. Building muscle can boost your heart health, increase your flexibility, and give you tons of confidence. Setting a strength-related goal – like squatting your own bodyweight – can be a great motivator to hit the gym, and you’ll feel empowered to keep going as you increase the amount of weight you lift each week.

Master the pull-up or handstand

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do a handstand or perfect a pull-up, make this your fitness goal and get to work. Handstands and pull-ups might sound simple, but they require a surprising amount of strength and control to pull off with good form. You can find and follow a pre-existing plan (there are lots online) to pursue your goals, or you can set your own schedule and see how you progress.

fitness goals do a handstand

Stand at the front of your fitness class

Fitness classes can be a great way to get into fitness if you aren’t particularly motivated and don’t love the idea of lifting weights or standing around on a treadmill. Most fitness classes come equipped with instructors to show you the motions and keep you going, and working out with a group can be a great way to motivate yourself – especially if you’re competitive.

Most of us are comfortable with our spot in the back of the class, but if you’re looking to push yourself a little harder, set a goal to stand at the very front. You don’t have to commit right away, but you’ll push yourself harder and pay a little more attention to the choreography if you know you’ll be in a position where others will watch you.

Climb a mountain

Want a fitness goal that’ll REALLY push you to the top? Find a nearby mountain to climb and fix your eye on the prize – the summit. Climbing a mountain is no joke. You’ve got to be in tip-top cardio health to handle the elevation gain, and you’ll need to train your muscles beforehand – otherwise, you might find your legs burning before you’re even halfway up.

If there aren’t any local peaks to scale, consider this the perfect excuse to plan a trip!

Fitness goals climb a mountain

There you have it – some awesome fitness goals that have nothing to do with the what you weigh or the amount of food you’re eating.

Do you have any fitness goals that don’t revolve around the scale? Let me know!


Fitness Goals Better Than Losing Weight

Eva Lewis