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The 5 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life

We don’t always achieve greatness on our own terms — There are family and friends who encourage us and attend to our challenges.

I know some people who have coworkers as close to them as their family members.

A different calibre of people fills every one of our lives, people with diverse backgrounds who help us achieve personal and professional success. Of course, this success is based on how you measure it.

And your success will mean that those closest to you will feel its impact. Let’s consider the 5 types of friends who can help you reach your personal and professional goals faster. It’ll also help you figure out the types of friends to avoid in a jiffy.

the 5 types of friends

1.    The Grateful Friend

A grateful friend is a person who is always appreciative of what you’ve done for them. They’re grateful for the little things, and they’re always willing to do whatever it takes to help you out. They’ll also help you focus on what you’ve done, not what you haven’t.

It may seem like a small thing, but it’s essential to have people in your life that will be there for you no matter what.

If they know that you’ve got their back, they’ll be more willing to reciprocate with anything from favour to a bit of moral support.

These are the individuals you honour for getting you where you are today. Where you’ve got a grateful friend, don’t forget to return the gratitude because expressing appreciation is a habit that will get you even further.

2.    The Passionate Friend

The Passionate Friend will be your biggest cheerleader. They’re the one that’s always there to lift you when you’re feeling down.

This friend is typically the first to offer advice and support whenever you need it. You can rely on them for anything, from a late-night venting session to a quick “you’ve got this” pep talk. They will help you discover new and exciting ways to be more committed to your personal and professional pursuits.

Passionate Friends are great for getting feedback, but they also know how to have a little bit of fun. Don’t be surprised if they come up with wacky ideas or a wild scheme for a new project you were thinking about starting.

The best part about the passionate friend is that you’ll probably discover the key to their endless zeal.

real friends vs fake friends

3.    The Inquisitive Friend

Do you know that friend that always asks many questions? That’s the inquisitive friend. These friends are prepared to help you consider all alternatives before you embark on a goal. They will help you develop a very inventive thought pattern that will result in solutions you wouldn’t have considered before.

And an inquisitive friend will be your biggest cheerleader. They will give you honest feedback and help you see your project from new perspectives.

If you’re someone who relies on the input of others, this is the type of person you need to be surrounding yourself with.

4.    The Highly-Driven Friend

Drive can be hard to come by. Surrounded by individuals who exude an aura of accomplishment and who spend time working on themselves can have a profound and startling influence on you. Driven people might inspire you to examine your work ethics and personal habits and wonder why you aren’t doing more for yourself. What’s more, ambitious people are excellent at setting realistic objectives and achieving them regularly.

A highly-driven friend will know your goals and be a champion for you, never doubting your abilities or criticising your efforts. This friend will have a positive attitude that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

You may not know what you’re capable of until a highly-driven person enters your life. They can help you identify personal strengths and work to make them stronger.

5 types of friends

5.    The Inspired Friend

There are different ways to get inspiration — podcasts, business conferences, music, movies, quotes, books; you name it! The world is filled with people who have led and done remarkable things with their lives, beat the odds, and were inspired to become a better version of themselves.

Suppose you do not currently have someone that pushes you to be who you’ve been dreaming of. In that case, it’s time to seek someone who will motivate you to become better at what you do and become the ideal version of yourself.

The inspired person is someone who will make you feel like an expert in your field. They’ll be excited about what you do and want to share it with other people—a friend who will make you proud.

Take a look at your friendships and ask yourself which one of these 5 types of friends they are? While you’re at it, what type of friend are you? If your friends don’t fall into any category, ask yourself if, in some way, they help you reach your personal and professional goals. If the answer is no, is it time to let them go?

Friends are the people surrounding us, but they are not always the same. Sometimes you have to figure out the fake friends vs real friends. Some friends are there for us during difficult times; some inspire new ideas. Unfortunately, others make us feel worse instead of better.

It’s time to look deep and make some changes.

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5 types of friends you need

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