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Worried People Won’t Use Your Business? Here’s How To Attract Customers

As a business owner at Mandala Digital, there once was a time when I was worried that people weren’t going to use my business and that I didn’t really know how to attract customers. Instead of sitting back, I decided to find out what works best to entice them.  I wanted all potential customers to view my business positively, but I knew this wasn’t going to happen if I wasn’t giving them any reason to. As such, I got creative with what I tried and eventually worked out what works best for my company. In this article, I’m sharing with you a few ideas to consider for your business. 

Engage on Social Media

The first thing that you’ve got to do is make sure that you are engaging with as many people as possible on social media. Do you know how many people are on social media? There’s one billion active users on Instagram and 1.69 billion on Facebook!  These statistics show you why it’s essential to talk and interact with your audience as much as possible. You don’t have to do this personally if you don’t have the time, nobody expects you to spend all day in front of Facebook or any other social media platform. However, someone in your company should be doing this, replying to posts that you are tagged in, responding to private messages, posting content that sparks interest and provides some value. Social media is a handy tool as long as you know how to use it properly and, most importantly, you know who your audience is and provide them with the content they want and need.

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Network in Person and Online

There was once a time when I didn’t particularly appreciate networking at all, I’m pretty sure it’s because I was in the wrong career. Fast forward to working for myself, and in an industry, I’m passionate about, and networking is easy and enjoyable. I’m thinking this will be the same for you if this is your own business. Networking is one of the key reasons for the growth of my digital marketing business. The connections I’ve made have become clients of mine, or they’ve referred clients to me. I’ve met people at various conferences and seminars. I’ve also made many connections in dedicated Facebook groups.

As an introvert and someone with bipolar disorder, yes, there are times where in-person networking can be more difficult than usual. Still, I find that if you can step over that initial hurdle to get into your comfort zone and realise that everyone in the room is here for the same reason, it becomes a whole lot easier. I must say, I have to give kudos to the lady who approached me last night at my son’s soccer training. She saw that I loved my big shiny earrings by the ones I was wearing and asked me if I’d like to look at some of hers she had for sale. They were gorgeous, and I ended up spending $35 from a bench beside a soccer field. I guess my point is, this lady decided to put herself out there, and it paid off. Now I have her earrings and backing card with her website, which I will visit again.


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Make Yourself Look Bigger

Like many of us (me included), our businesses start from the dining table or home office and often continue that way; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But making your business look bigger does work; it makes your business come across as being progressive and puts your customers in this mindset; it boosts confidence. 

But how do you make your business look bigger than it is? It’s quite easy. Here are a few ways:

  • Sign up for a landline number and reception service that diverts to your mobile.
  • Get a PO Box or register for a virtual office so you can claim the physical address as your own.
  • Use a service like www.physcialaddress.com, which will give you a business address if you don’t already have one. 
  • If you outsource some of your work, ask if you can add these people to your’ team page’ on your website.
  • Invest in professional branding photos
  • Invest in a good quality website
  • Invest in branding as a whole.

Ask For Reviews

At first, I used to absolutely dread asking for reviews and just crossed my fingers, hoping they’d come my way. Now, after working with my client for a little while and getting some results, I have no hesitation in asking them for a review. How to get customers to leave reviews for me? I ask, and I make it easy for them by providing them with the link to where they can leave a review. This might be on my Google My Business profile or Facebook page. If you’re still a little hesitant to ask for a review or testimonial directly, you can try leaving a note in your email signature – ‘We’d be so grateful for your review. Leave it here.’

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How to attract customers – Provide The Best Customer Service

It goes without saying, you need to provide the best customer service. While I am probably a little more of a perfectionist than others, I like to keep communication lines open and work to a high level of quality. It’s because I care about my customers, and I care about my business profile. In fact, I haven’t had to market my business once; all my clients have come via referrals or my websites, this I put down to great customer service, quality work and going the extra mile where others will do what they have to. If you’re wondering how to add value to customers, this is a good start.

It’s quite shocking the number of companies that lose customers to terrible customer service when really, it’s a no brainer. Your customers deserve to be treated with respect and the best care, which is what you’ve got to provide. So many people will choose to use a company if they have excellent customer service, even if it means they have to pay a little bit extra? You’d be surprised, so bump this up on your list of priorities. There’s more to learn about this on a site like https://www.ameritasinsight.com/.

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a better idea of how you can attract customers to your business. It’s normal to feel concerned that it won’t happen but remember, customers will only come if you give it a shot and put yourself out there. Confidence goes a long way. 


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