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10 Affirmations For Confidence And Overcoming Fears      

There are many names for confidence affirmations. Some people call them mantras, and others call them inspirational quotes. Whatever you call them, the power of affirmations for confidence is well attested to overcoming your fears, giving you a confidence boost and combating low self-esteem. When repeated aloud, self-confidence affirmations help to create positive internal cycles that not only give us that boost we need to face the day but to reflect on accomplishments and challenges faced.

Alright, alright, you might think affirmation quotes are a little cliché but I love them because they’re all part of changing our thinking, turning our negative thoughts into positive ones which then end up creating positive emotions, behaviours and outcomes. Life gets stressful, life gets hard, a little positive affirmation to boost confidence can’t be a bad thing. It’s about exercising our mind to think differently and, just like a muscle, with more exercise, the mind will get stronger.

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10 Confidence and self-esteem affirmations

I am, and always will be, enough

Low self-esteem is almost always rooted in our perception of ourselves and the negative self-talk that we can inflict, often as a mirror of our insecurities. That negative voice is not real, and it has no influence over us.

I treasure my imperfections

When comparing ourselves to others, we always see the imperfections we have that they do not, not the other way around. We are unique, with our own unique strengths and imperfections. One does not detract from the other and we can be comfortable in all of them.

Mistakes are just an apprenticeship to achievement

There is not a single person who doesn’t make mistakes. This affirmation on confidence assures us of that by reminding ourselves that those who make mistakes go on to achieve great things.

I love challenges, they bring out the best in me

Rather than worrying about the consequences of facing obstacles that stand in your way, remind yourself that you are competent and able to face challenges. Better still, remember all the other challenges you have faced and that you have succeeded. You can do it again because you know more now than you did then.

I will continue to learn and grow

Although you are worthy of love and respect as you are, this is one of those confidence affirmations that help you remember that you are still a work-in-progress. The challenges that might seem insurmountable today will be much easier in the future as you keep growing and learning from mistakes.

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I live in the present and I am confident of the future

By only worrying about the future, it’s easy to miss all the positives of living in the now. Focus on what’s directly ahead of you and do the things you love.

I contain multitudes

We all have internal debates and conflicts thanks to negative self-talk. This does not mean that our values are wavering or that we are indecisive. We are capable of containing many perspectives and viewpoints without comprising who we are as a person.

I will be my own best advocate

Rather than letting negative self-thoughts influence how you talk about yourself, use this as a  self-love affirmation to remind yourself that you are always the one to help others see your strengths and benefits.

I can let go of old negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success

As we learn and grow, we can shrug off the toxic and harmful beliefs that have been instilled in us by others or by past experiences. As for self-esteem affirmations, this is an important one to help remind yourself that you do not have to let our past dictate who you are.

I am worthy of all the good things in my life

These affirmations for confidence and self-esteem aren’t just empty words you say to yourself, use them as touchstones and reminders of the habits that help you build a better life. Combined with the other tips shared above, they can all help you maintain a more positive mindset and live with the self-esteem, confidence, and fearlessness that you deserve.

Use these affirmations in conjunction with mental health journaling prompts to build your confidence and clarity.

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