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10 Ways To Be A Happier Woman

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Most people spend their entire lives in pursuit of happiness. Some try to find it in romantic relationships and long-term commitment. Others believe that being a happier person is all about career and professional success. Some others argue that happiness is a destination and travel all around the globe to find the right place for their restless souls. But the truth is that happiness is not about something materialistic. Neither is it about living in a particular place or having a certain job title. What if happiness is nothing but a state of mind? Something that’s living inside of any person and gets awakened each time he or she finds some inner balance.

If that’s true, then all it takes to become happy is to learn how to get that balance and keep it for as long as possible. Here’s the list of ten simple things that will make you a happier person regardless of your current life circumstances.

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10 simple things that will make you a happier person

Meditate Regularly

Even if you’re one of those sceptics who question the health benefits of meditation, you should absolutely try to meditate regularly. It’s a well-documented fact that meditation can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, improve the quality of sleep and even serve as a painkiller. In fact, the effect of meditation has so many positive effects that world-renowned companies like Google, Salesforce, Bank of America and some others have corporate training to help employees master the art of meditation.

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Read a Book

Reading is probably one of the best ways to calm your mind, concentrate on being here and now, as well as get some good portion of entertainment. Make sure to choose a book that keeps you interested and engaged (not the one making you fall asleep each time you turn a page). It’s been scientifically proven that reading improves mood and alleviate the symptoms of depression. Bonus trick: If you can’t find time or energy to finish a book you really like, make it a part of your schedule to read regularly. Even 15-30 minutes per day can make the world of difference.

Move Your Body

It’s not a breaking news that regular exercises can make wonders to the way we look and feel. Firstly, physical activity releases the happy chemicals into our brain. Secondly, it boosts your confidence and improves self-esteem. Thirdly, exercises help energise our body; and good energy is obviously a happier alternative to feeling sluggish.

Spend More Time Outdoors

If you’re anything like other modern people, you spend the majority of your time indoors. If that holds true, you should change your habits right now. It turns out that spending more time in a fresh air can restore your mental energy, reduce inflammation, and provide stress relief. Why not take the most out of this fact?

Plan a Short Getaway

Sometimes all that we need is a radical change of scene. Daily life can be too overwhelming and fast-paced, which is why it is crucial to schedule short getaways every now and then. Buy a ticket to a nearby city or get your car and drive a couple of hours just to see that seashore. If it’s necessary, take a couple of days off and let yourself to be loose.

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Spend Time with Friends

People are social creatures. We need communication and social interaction to stay happy and feel complete. However, it matters whom you spend your time with. Relationships with the wrong people might be toxic, while even a short conversation with people you love might heal your body and soul.

Helping Others

There is some magic about the conscious acts of kindness. Not only can they help us feel needed and valuable, but also showcase us the new character traits. Helping others is easier than it seems. Spend your Sunday volunteering or have an unplanned visit to your old parents. Such a simple act of kindness can make you feel empowered with energy and happy vibes.

Eat Delicious (and Healthy) Food

Here’s some good news. It’s been scientifically proven that certain foods can alleviate our mood and help us fight depression. Dark chocolate, berries, leafy greens, avocado, and bananas can help your brain fight bad vibes and make you feel happier. Your Starbucks cookie might do the same, but there is a threat. Eating junk food provides a short-term relief but makes you feel guilty afterwards.

Practice Gratitude

Emotional intelligence is one of the key components of happiness. Those people who’ve mastered this art tend to be more content with their lives and achieve better results in career, sports, education, etc. One of the best ways to improve your emotional intelligence is to practice gratitude, watch your own behaviour, as well as observing how you feel. It’s not something that happens overnight, but a regular practice can work wonders.

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Have a Good Night Sleep

Believe it or not but sleep patterns can affect our mood greatly. Sometimes a good night sleep is enough to fix your bad mood and make you feel like a brand new person. There are plenty of great books on the importance of sleep. Take some time to dig deeper into the topic and get happier by sleeping smarter.

What do you do to become a happier woman? 

10 ways to be a happier woman


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