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8 Very Clever Kmart Home Decor Hacks

My post 8 Kmart Home Decor Hacks to Style Your Home on a Budget that I published in 2016 has been my most popular blog post by far, but I came to realise that Kmart has changed a lot of their stock. So, I decided to keep up with the changes and share a hack or two for some of their newer products.  If you’ve seen an awesome Kmart hack that I haven’t listed here, contact me so I can add it!

**Update. Since publishing this post in August 2017, Kmart has discontinued a few of the product lines. I have updated this post, offering alternative Kmart products which can achieve the same or similar look. 

8 Kmart Hacks 2017

$35 Kmart storage box with bamboo lid turned personalised toy boxes

I have one of these babies on my deck and it serves as a ‘crap box’ and coffee table, but I never ever thought to turn them into personalised hampers! I think I might just go out and buy another two and make one for Master E and Miss M.

personalised toy box kmart hack
Instagram: @lydia_nuryakop

Kmart peg board turned into a bath shelf

Ever wanted to sit in the bath with a glass of wine and a book but had nowhere to put the said glass or wine or book? What about this nifty hack by Not A Mummy Blog. Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately though, Kmart don’t sell the peg board pictured anymore, they now sell this version for $29.  If you’d prefer to just by a bath shelf, Kmart have now caught on and sell a bath caddy, although, it’s nowhere near as big as the DIY beg board bath shelf!

HOT TIP: Seal the shelf to keep it bathroom and water friendly.

A $19 Kmart wall shelf turned into a succulent garden

There’s something so zen-like about succulent gardens and the fact that they look so effective hanging like this! Such a great transformation by Cobbity Bakehouse. 

DIY hanging succulent garden kmart hack

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mental health ebook for women


$8 Black Wire Urban Memo Board turned makeup storage and $3 Kmart Marble Adhesive gives a glass top a new look

Our Little Red Brick home has thrown two hacks into one here by using the Kmart Storage Grid to hang her makeup, and the self-adhesive marble contact (one of my favourites) added to the glass top of her dresser.  The pictured storage grid is no longer available at Kmart however, I have found the very similar Black Wire Urban Memo Board for $8.

makeup holder kmart hack

Instagram: Our Little Red Brick Home

$5 copper vinyl adhesive roll to transfer an old cabinet

I tell you what, this vinyl adhesive from Kmart is cheap as chips and boy, can it transform things! Check out what Vanessa has done to give this daggy old cabinet a new lease on life! The vinyl adhesive also comes in gold, light wood grain, dark wood grain, white marble (as mentioned above), dark marble and white wood grain. So many choices!

old cabinet kmart hack with rose gold contact

Photo Credit: Vanessa Spendlove via Kmart Hacks

For more Kmart vinyl adhesive hacks, click here!

$3 white marble adhesive used as a flat lay backdrop

No, this isn’t a fancy marble bench top, it’s a $3 roll of adhesive vinyl! Tricked ya!



$19 Kmart dual drink dispenser and $19 industrial wall shelf to transform a laundry

I don’t know about you, but my laundry would have to be the most neglected and disorganised room in my house. I reckon the simple addition of these Kmart industrial shelves and using these drink dispensers for laundry detergent would do the trick to tidy it up. Better than having a collection of empty laundry softener and detergent bottles all over the place!

Image credit: Pinterest – source unknown

A $12 Kmart foldable seagrass basket transformed!

I was eyeing off these belly baskets a couple of weeks ago, wondering what I’d use them for apart from throwing crap in them. I wish I had known about this idea, it’s simple but brilliant and having plants inside are good for you, all you need is some glue, white paint and ball fringe. Thanks to Interiors Addict for the inspo!

belly basket kmart hack

So which Kmart hack do you love?

If you can’t get enough of Kmart Hacks, check out my older post ‘8 Kmart Home Decor Hacks to Style Your Home on a Budget‘ and ‘9 Kmart vinyl adhesive hacks‘.  Although some items featured are no longer sold at Kmart, I have updated the post with new and similar items. 

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kmart home decor hacks


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  1. August 21, 2017 / 11:31 am

    I so need some of that marble look adhesive in my life. I’ve never seen it before, so fingers crossed they have in the NZ Kmarts.