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9 Kmart Vinyl Adhesive Hacks To Transform Your Home Decor For Less

I have to say, Kmart vinyl adhesive hacks are some of my favourite Kmart hacks. For only $5 a roll, you can really breathe new life into a room, a piece of furniture or appliance.

So, before you go and throw away an old side table or buy a secondhand fridge that looks like it belongs in your garage, try one of these very cool Kmart hacks. If you’ve contacted your kid’s school books then you can do these Kmart vinyl hacks!

9 Very clever Kmart vinyl adhesive hacks you must try

Upcycle a retro sideboard with Kmart copper adhesive vinyl

You can pick up pieces like these for an absolute bargain on places like Gumtree and with just one roll of Kmart copper adhesive contact for $5, you’ve got yourself a brand new piece of swish looking furniture!

Update an old coffee table with Kmart vinyl contact

I know that we’ve had a number of old coffee tables over the years that have dated and been relegated to the garage or given away. It’s amazing how a simple addition of the $3 Kmart marble adhesive can bring it back to life.

Transform an old kitchen bench with Kmart marble vinyl

Not long ago, we did a full IKEA kitchen renovation and it certainly wasn’t cheap. If you’re not yet in a situation to do a full kitchen reno or your kitchen is perfectly good, it just needs a bit of an update, just look at what you can do with the Kmart marble vinyl or Kmart woodgrain vinyl adhesive. For families on a budget, I think this Kmart hack is super exciting!

Kmart marble vinyl kitchen bench hack

Image source: Beth Milburn on Facebook

Transform a dated kitchen bench with Kmart woodgrain vinyl

How good does this Kmart vinyl contact look? You’d pay a lot more than $10 for a woodgrain style bench like that!

kmart kitchen bench hack

Image source: Eden Cauchi on Facebook

Use Kmart marble contact for flatlay photos

These are my lovely limes but they are NOT on my kitchen bench, they are simply on a sheet of marble vinyl. My kitchen has really bad lighting and so taking a photo of anything on my kitchen bench doesn’t really work, no matter what time of day. With this Kmart vinyl, I can take it outside for the natural light and get a great shot.

Transform MDF into a long cheeseboard tray for a party

Forget dishing out the money for a real marble platter, just cover a piece of MDF with the woodgrain or marble vinyl adhesive and no one will ever know! Better yet, they’ll be much lighter to carry around to your guests.

Kmart marble vinyl hack

Image Source: Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature

Refresh a side table with Kmart adhesive vinyl when you need a change

You know those times when you love a piece of furniture but you wish you could change it in some way. Yes, you could paint it or, alternatively, use this Kmart vinyl hack. Danielle went from a light woodgrain to the Kmart dark woodgrain vinyl.

Old Kmart contact was getting a bit shabby so re fresh time #kmarthacks

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Kmart copper adhesive vinyl fridge makeover

Secondhand fridges always show a bit of wear and tear but all old fridges can be given a new lease on life with this very clever Kmart fridge hack!

Kmart copper vinyl adhesive fridge hack

Kmart copper vinyl adhesive wall decal

The copper adhesive does it again as an adhesive wall decal cut into circles, perfect if you love the rose gold look and are looking to style a children’s room on a budget.  Doesn’t it look wonderful?

Kmart copper adhesive wall decal

Image source: Now to Love

You can’t go wrong with these Kmart vinyl adhesive hacks but what I can tell you is that you could become completely addicted to all the transformations you could make.  A bit of a Kmart addict yourself? Then you’ll love my other Kmart hacks here and here.

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9 Kmart Vinyl Adhesive Hacks To Transform Your Home Decor For Less

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