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12 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

Despite our “evolved” society, it’s tough to discuss the topic of mothers in the workplace without pushing a few buttons (intentionally or otherwise). The truth is, there are loads of factors to consider before deciding to return to work after maternity leave.

return to work after baby

So, how do you know if going back to work after maternity leave is for you?

Clearly, you need to weigh the pros and cons of returning to work after maternity leave. To help tip the scale, here is our advice on returning to work after maternity leave, 12 not-so-obvious perks you may not have considered.

1. You’ll talk like a grownup

While staying home with a baby means an overabundance of cuddles, it also means a lack of stimulating conversation! Going back to work after baby means there’s no room for baby talk. Instead, you’ll thrive on the adult conversation that will keep your mind sharp as a tack.

2. You’ll be your own person

We know you’re worried about separation anxiety and how to cope with going back to work after baby, but studies have shown that it’s healthy for a baby to be around others and to rely on someone besides mom for basic needs, entertainment and even love.

3. You’ll stay on track

If you take too much time away from your job you run the risk of losing your professional skill set (not to mention a steady income). Stay on your career path so you won’t lose sight of your professional goals.

4. You’ll be balanced

Dedication is an admirable trait, but it’s never a good idea to focus on just one thing (even if it’s your darling baby!). Going to work every day allows you to maintain a balanced lifestyle in and out of the home.

return to work after baby

5. You’ll stay current

With one foot in the workplace, you’ll be privy to what happens beyond the walls of your home. You’ll learn about hot topics that you’d probably miss (or ignore) if you stayed indoors with your baby.

6. You get to say no

You’ll be tired and a bit preoccupied, so that means you need to prioritize. You’ll figure out where you need to focus the most and that it’s OK to say no to things that you used to have time for.

7. You get to brag

Seriously, is there a better time to show off pics of your baby than when you’re gathered around the water cooler?

8. You get to leave early

No one expects you to put in long hours with a baby waiting at home.

returning to work after having a baby

9. You get to ignore fashion

You don’t have the time or energy to worry about looking glamorous at the office. Finally, you can let go of the peer pressure to fit in and focus on getting your job done.

10. You’ll be the office favourite

Now that you’re responsible for a brand new person, your levels of compassion and kindness will go through the roof. And just like that, you’ve become the nicest person in the office!

11. You’ll be so efficient

Since baby, you’ve become a master multi-tasker (you can breastfeed while texting!). Even when you’re sleep deprived, juggling and completing work assignments will be easier than you imagined and you’ll be the most productive person in the office.

12. You’ll be a Hero

Motherhood is a superpower. It awakens all sorts of emotions and physical strengths that you never knew you possessed. It’s a gift that others will benefit from and it’s something you’ll bring with you wherever you go.

Be Irreplaceable No Matter Where You Are

Going back to work after baby is a loaded decision. Certainly, there are many arguments for and against keeping up a career as a new mum. There are plenty of valid arguments for staying at home and going back to the office, and of course, there are also the opinions of our families and friends.

What I recommend is to make sure you’ve got the right baby gear so that the first few weeks are as smooth as possible. And as you adjust to your new situation with your baby, meditate. Think about it. See how you feel. There is no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your personal circumstances and your gut feeling.

If you’re inclined to go back to the office after baby, we know you can handle it like a pro. Remember, you’re more than just an established professional (who could use a few extra hours of sleep). Since baby’s arrival, you’ve been gifted with not-so-obvious abilities that will enhance your performance in the workplace. Before you know it, you’ll be irreplaceable at home and beyond.

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