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10 Ways To Be Intentional And Love Your Life

Despite the limitless possibilities we encounter every day, it’s easy to live life as if you’re stuck on autopilot. If you find yourself performing the same actions day after day and not gaining any real satisfaction from your experiences, learning how to be intentional could transform your life.

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What does it mean to ‘be intentional’?

Being intentional means to act with a clear purpose and reason. Instead of automatically responding to the thoughts and feelings which run through your mind, being intentional allows you to identify what’s most important to you and act accordingly.

By doing so, you can make decisions that deliver genuine value, regardless of what your goals and aspirations are. When you’re acting intentionally, you’ll base your decision-making on the things in life you prioritise, which is why the outcomes are typically so much more satisfying.

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To get a clearer understanding of what it means to be intentional, take a look at these ways you can choose to be intentional:

10 Ways you can choose to be intentional NOW

  1. Identify the results you want to achieve
  2. Question what you ‘have to do.’
  3. Take time for self-reflection
  4. Imagine your future and use it to make decisions today
  5. Be mindful of the relationships that matter most
  6. Add structure to your day
  7. Declutter your surroundings and your mind
  8. Become an active listener
  9. Embrace healthy habits
  10. Choose your words carefully

As you can see, being intentional isn’t a complicated concept or a strict lifestyle choice. Becoming more intentional allows you to take back control over your life and make your own choices, instead of having them made for you by other people, circumstance, the media and society. By embracing different methods and finding new ways to be intentional, you’ll naturally make positive changes to your life.

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How will taking this approach enhance your life?

As you learn how to be more intentional, you’ll begin to notice the positive impact it has on your life. When you make decisions mindfully and intentionally, you’re actively thinking about the outcome you want to bring about. This approach helps you to make choices that benefit your life, rather than settling for second best or letting things fall where they may.

Does being intentional help you to love life?

Absolutely! We’re most content when we’re living a life that’s meaningful to us. For some people, that may involve a fast-paced, frenetic lifestyle, for others, it may mean a more meandering path. Similarly, some people find meaning in their chosen career, raising a family or combining the two.

However, what matters most is that you discover how your version of a meaningful life looks. Be intentional, and you can achieve this. What’s more – when you base your actions on your intentions, they’re designed to bring about results that genuinely enhance your life. With every intentional action you take, you add more meaning to your life and enjoy it a little more.

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