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Setting Goals For 2020: Ideas To Make Your Year Remarkable

The new year is here, and it’s a great time to look back and see what you have achieved over the last year. A lot of us like to adopt the mindset of ‘new year, new goals’ in the hope that it will help us to change things about our lives. Sometimes, it’s something small like trying to eat better or pick up a new hobby, or it might be something big like finding a new job. These goals that we set for ourselves are so important because they help us to stay motivated and focused. If you can identify some of your weaknesses or think about those things that you have always wanted to do, this will help you with setting goals for 2020. Below are some goals for 2020, ideas just in case you get stuck and don’t know where to start!

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2020 Goal ideas for finances

Let’s face it, we’d all like to have a bit more money, but if you are not great at handling your finances, your savings account may not be quite as healthy as you would like. The reason that a lot of people struggle to save money is that they don’t have a clear goal in mind. But if you have something to aim for, it will give you more motivation to put money into your savings account each month. It could be a goal like saving the deposit for a house or saving up for a new car, or you could decide on an amount that you want to save before the year is out. You can use this savings goal calculator to help you set your savings goal for the coming year. It may be best to start with a small amount, so it is more manageable, then you can increase your savings goal the following year.

2020 Goal ideas for travel

We all have places that we would love to visit, but it’s easy to come up with excuses to stop yourself. Maybe you’re too busy at work, or you don’t have the money (your savings goal can help here). You should make 2020 the year that you drop the excuses and finally take that trip of a lifetime (or even a small one if you’re overdue for a holiday). Even if you don’t have a specific place in mind, making an effort to travel to more exotic places that you wouldn’t usually go to is an excellent goal for the coming year. Check out my travel section if you need some inspiration.

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2020 Goal ideas for work

When it comes to 2020 goals ideas for work, it can be frustrating when you have big career aspirations yet you’re just not moving forward. This is a big problem for women that work in male-dominated industries because they’re always overlooked for promotions, but don’t let that stop you; you CAN ask for (and score) the promotion you deserve.  If you find yourself in this situation, you need to set yourself some clear goals for 2020 and work towards them.

In some cases, that might mean finding a new job, but it could also mean making an effort to be more vocal in the workplace, to share your ideas more, work on your personal branding or completely breaking away to start your own business.

2020 Goal ideas for self-improvement

Self-Improvement goals are usually the most common; we all want to improve ourselves in some way or another. This could be that you set a goal to quit alcohol or at least reduce your consumption to 3 glasses a week. Another self-improvement goal might be to wake up earlier in the morning to exercise. It could be to practise gratitude by writing in your journal each day,  or it could be to set some fitness goals that don’t involve losing weight. Set yourself a self-care challenge, the goal to practice self-care a certain number of times per week. Remember, self-care isn’t just about treating yourself to day spas and bubble baths, it can simply be the act of giving yourself time to do the things you need to do; putting yourself first.


The list could go on, but one goal I will be working on in 2020 is to get on top of my negative self-talk. I’m going to reward myself each time I can turn my mindset around.

What are SMART goals

When you’re setting your 2020 list of goals, don’t get too excited about it being a new year and a fresh start, you could end up setting way too many goals for yourself. Did you know that the University of Scranton found that only 8 per cent of people follow through on their resolutions? Wow!

Keep your goals SMART

To stay on track, take little steps and make your goal ideas for 2020 SMART.

S = Specific, M = Measurable, A = Achievable, R = Realistic, T = Timely.

Plus, don’t forget to have a support network like friends and family who will not only support you in reaching your goals but who you’ll be accountable to. You can find a free New Years Goals Template at the bottom of this post which will help you to visualise your goals and your progress.

Goal setting is the key to progressing in all areas of your life. If you are not sure what goals you should set yourself for 2020, these are some great ideas to prompt your goal setting.

Best wishes for the new year and happy goal setting!

Grab Your New Years Goals Template

Don’t let your goals for 2020 ideas disappear! Here’s a free printable template to set out your 2020 goals list and stay accountable. Print it as many times as you like!

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Goal Ideas To Make 2020 Remarkable

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