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54 Self Care Strategies For When Self-Isolation Is Just Too Much

Ok, let’s face it, we’re going to be losing our shit quite a lot with this lousy Covid-19 thing hanging around and self-isolation. Throw in work, loss of work, money, kids to look after and homeschool, we’re expecting ourselves to do everything and be everything when in reality, it’s impossible.

The truth is, we’re going to get stressed, we’re going to feel depressed, we’re going to feel lost and lonely during these times…we’re going to experience ALL the feels. The most important thing is, we need to put ourselves first. Yes, you’ve heard it before but now it’s more relevant than ever – how can we look after others when we’re crumbling? That’s why you need to keep this list handy, give yourself some time every day to focus on you.

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54 Self Care Strategies For Self-Isolation

1. Cuddle your pet
2. Have a ‘virtual’ coffee with a friend
3. If you’re still working, take a mental health day from work.
4. Read a book
5. Have a D & M with a friend
6. Watch confidence-boosting TED Talks
7. Donate items to charity
8. Go for a walk
9. Pick some flowers
10. Don’t be afraid to say no and reduce your load at this current time.

11. Watch a feel-good movie and enjoy a good laugh.
12. Eat your favourite food
13. Do some exercise in your backyard
14. Get creative and make something
15. Get someone to brush your hair and give you a head massage.

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16. Start a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try (that takes social-distancing into mind)
17. Do a massive declutter
18. Make yourself a cuppa of your choice
19. Chill and Netflix.
20. Play your favourite music

21. Start a gratitude journal 
22. Have a long hot shower (or cold if you’re somewhere hot)
23. Put on a face mask
24. Put a movie on for the kids while you do something enjoyable.
25. Now, have a sleep!
26. Camp out in the backyard – no kids allowed!
27. Ask your partner for a massage28. Give yourself a pedicure
29. Watch your favourite movie – popcorn included.
30. Do some yoga

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31. Eat cake – don’t feel guilty
32. Eat ice cream – don’t feel guilty
33. Eat chocolate – don’t feel guilty
34. Do some online shopping!
35. Meditate
36. Listen to a Podcast37. Do your hair and put on some makeup
38. Light some candles
39. Grab a colouring book and colour!
40. Turn off your devices and just be.
41. Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
42. Rearrange a room
43. Write your thoughts out on paper – check out my free brain dump printable.
44. Go for a drive somewhere you’ve never been. Change is good!
45. Paint your nailsLets get cozy

46. Create a vision board
47. Take a break from the housework. It’s not going anywhere and guess what, everyone’s house is messy right now!
48. Do a free trial on Audible and listen to an audiobook.
49. Run yourself a detox bath.
50. Perform an act of kindness
51. Get takeaway! No cooking.
52. Listen to relaxation music
53. Get out in the garden
54. Learn something new on platforms like Udemy or Coursera.

This may just look like a big list of things to do, but in it, there are plenty of self-care strategies that will benefit your body emotionally, physically and psychologically during this tough time. From endorphin generating exercise and letting off steam to revitalising power naps and time out to process emotions, self-care is essential for the sanity and productivity of a multitasking woman in isolation.

What self-care strategies do you like to use? Are there any you could add to this list?

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54 Self Care Strategies



Eva Lewis

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  1. February 23, 2017 / 12:25 am

    31. Eat cake – don’t feel guilty
    32. Eat ice cream – don’t feel guilty
    33. Eat chocolate – don’t feel guilty

    You are a goddess, thank you for liberating me!