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12 Ways To Be More Positive While Stuck At Home + Printable Mantras

Thinking positively can affect more than just our mind but also our physical health. And in light of recent events, it is especially important to focus on ways to be more positive while stuck at home, particularly by monitoring what fills your mind and by prioritising your mental health.

ways to be more positive during social isolation

Shifting your mindset is easier said than done however looking “at the brighter side” of life could boost your immune system and save you a trip to the doctor. Studies have shown that staying positive is linked to a 73% lowered risk of heart failure and just thinking positively can lead to a 50% reduction of depressive symptoms. According to a University of Kansas study, even smiling can bring about more positive feelings within the body. Take your daily dose of positivity by trying some simple ways to boost your mood and cultivate a happier, healthier life.

How to Practice Positivity While Stuck at Home

There are many ways you can practice positive thinking while practising social distancing. FTD has gathered 12 ways to de-stress and put your health first while staying at home along with printable mantras to serve as a daily reminder to practice mindfulness and add some positivity to your life. 

Give Generously

Did you know that making other people happy can make you happy? Make someone’s day by giving your time, money and skills generously.

Find a Furry Friend

Pets can provide a sense of support and comfort just by being around. While this isn’t an option for everyone, dogs and cats can be huge sources of positivity for some people. Taking care of another creature helps us put things in perspective


The act of smiling, even when there isn’t anything specific to smile about, can change the way you feel. You may feel silly at first but you can actually trick your body to feel happier. 

I am enough affirmation

Replace Negative Thoughts

If you find yourself ruminating on negative thoughts, learn ways to replace them with positive ones. Next time you recognize that you’re thinking about something negative, try thinking of one or two positive things to replace it.

Add Some Colour

Since nature can improve mood, try and bring some natural elements indoors. Adding a bouquet of sunflowers to your counter can brighten up your whole room instantly. Gifting flowers to a friend is also a great way to make someone else’s day, which in turn makes you feel happy.

Opt for Mood-Boosting Foods

Food has an enormous effect on your physical health but it can impact your mental health as well. If you notice a pattern of negativity, try foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, omega-3’s and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and folate.

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(Virtually) Connect with Positive People

Your closest friends have a huge impact on your positivity. If you surround yourself with negative people, you’ll have a harder time being positive. Try calling or virtually connecting with old friends to lift your spirits. 

Find Time for Meditation 

Meditation can be intimidating for people who are unfamiliar with the practice but it’s actually very simple. Start by taking five minutes to sit in silence and focus only on your breathing. 

Pump Some Jams

Music can increase positive emotions by stimulating the reward centre in your brain, causing the release of dopamine to make you feel good. Choose songs throughout the day with lyrics or rhythms that make you happy. 

how to be more positive quote

Prioritise Sleep

If you’ve ever been grouchy after a poor night of sleep, you know how important rest is for your mood. It’s easier to think positively when your body feels good. So take care of yourself and prioritise getting eight hours of sleep per night. 

Decorate for Positivity

Your space is where you recharge. A good way to create a positive environment is to decorate with things you love. Pictures and mementoes will remind you of happy memories with the most important people in your life.  

Open Up

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to open up to a close friend or counsellor about your feelings. Talking about the negative thoughts in your mind can be a huge relief and encouragement from your confidant can be strengthening.

Need more inspiration and ways to be more positive? Download six printable mantras by clicking the download image below and check out the Practicing Positivity Infographic for more ways to enhance your life.

Download your printable mantras
download printable mantras

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12 Ways To Be More Positive When You're Stuck At Home

12 Ways To Be More Positive When You're Stuck At Home

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