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5 Awesome Staycation Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained And You Sane

Let’s face it, we’re living in a world right now where, as a parent trying to stay sane, we need to get creative with what we do at home. Gone are the days (for now) that we can pack our kids into the car and go to see a movie, go to the park or visit friends. But do you know what you can do, and what your kids will love? These staycation ideas!

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Staycation ideas that make staying at home just as exciting as a whirlwind trip away 

Host a family board game tournament.

Board games are fun for kids and adults alike, and this activity makes for some quality family bonding time. Break out old favourites or try out some new games – you can even shake things up with your own updated rules or by handing out prizes to the winners. This idea can be as low-key or as much of an event as you want to make it, but one thing I do recommend is having a big running scoreboard so everyone knows who’s in the lead!

board game tournament


Games we love in our house are:

Embrace your inner movie critic

What’s more relaxing than hunkering down and watching some of your favourite movies? Whether this is a one-night thing or a week-long marathon (blanket fort optional), your very own lounge room film festival can be a great staycation idea. And it’s not hard to make this activity family-friendly either – you may think watching kids movies for days on end will melt your brain, but try introducing your kids to some of your favourites from when you were their age. Mine was Herbie and Star Wars! You can take a trip down memory lane, and the littlies might find a new (err, old) favourite.

family movie night

Create your own online treasure hunt

I know that even I love good old scavenger hunt riddles! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be the creative type to come up with a scavenger hunt all on your own, just use an online scavenger hunt maker, it’s a riddle generator for scavenger hunts where all you’ve got to do is select your age group, the locations you’d like to hide the treasure and customise the printable clues.  It’s not all for kids though, it can be a scavenger hunt generator for adults too, with battleship style puzzles, hieroglyphs and barcodes.

scavenger hunt online

Credit: Treasure.run

scavenger hunt puzzle

Credit: Treasure.run

Go on backyard safari

There’s something a little bit thrilling about camping out and while the only wildlife you’ll likely see in your backyard is a cricket or two, you don’t have to go far to enjoy getting back to nature. Pull out the tent, sleeping bags and mozzie spray and transform your backyard into the ultimate wilderness. If you don’t have a tent but you do have a trampoline with safety netting, grab a tarp to put on top and voila! you have a makeshift tent for the night and you’re free from mozzies. If this is an adult event, add wine and cheese for a classy touch – if the kids are involved, opt for toasted marshmallows, fun outdoor activities or spooky stories told by torchlight.

family staycation ideas

Catch some serious R&R

The best part about a holiday is the chance to relax and unwind. But you don’t need to visit a fancy resort or day spa to do this. Instead, outfit your own bathroom with your favourite bath oils, a scented candle, some relaxing tunes and a good book (or Netflix). You can go all in and treat yourself to a facial, manicure and pedicure, or just soak in the tub for a few hours of me time. Note: if you have children, you may have to enlist a partner to ensure your spa day isn’t interrupted by squeaky ducks and dive bombing!

Your brain is probably frazzled right now thanks to homeschooling, kids, work, the house juggle, and throw in a bit of cabin fever. Perhaps these staycation ideas are exactly what you need to take a step back while the kids enjoy themselves.


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Staycation Ideas


Staycation Ideas

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