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A Short Anxiety Guided Meditation Video To Calm Your Mind

Sometimes when we have anxiety, it can take over our lives if we let the negative thoughts consume us. Anxiety has us breathing heavily and fast, feeling like our hearts might jump out of our chest. So what if it took just a few minutes to divert our minds onto something else, to get our breathing under control, to work towards having a better day?

How does meditation help anxiety?

When you use guided meditation practices, you are drawn into focus and concentrate. It’s a form of mindfulness whereby you constantly bring yourself into the moment, eliminating the thoughts that jumble in your mind, the mental overwhelm.

Guided meditation is the perfect way to step away from the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. When this happens, you can experience new perspectives, better manage your stress and anxiety, become more aware of your thoughts, enjoy the present moment, increase your creativity and inspiration, and become more tolerant of the things that are happening in your life.

Guided Anxiety Meditation

Here is my very first guided meditation narration. Enjoy.

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Guided Anxiety Meditation

Guided Anxiety Meditation

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