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7 Of The Best Places to Find Your Mum Tribe

We all know the feeling; being a mum can feel isolating, repetitive and exhausting. There’s nothing better than being able to sit down and chat with like-minded mum friends when most of the time you spend chatting with kids. Being able to share the highs, the lows and the LOL’s with your mum tribe over coffee (or wine) is often the best medicine.

where to find mum friends

But where do you find these friends? It’s often not that easy and if none of your close friends has babies (like me) you’ll need to get outside of your comfort zone.

The good news is having children gives you a chance to make a whole new circle of friends. Here’s where to find them:

Antenatal Classes

Parenting classes aren’t just about learning to parent. The far more valuable part is meeting a group of like-minded couples going through this once-in-a-lifetime experience too. From birth stories to first smiles, you’ll be reaching these milestones together making it super easy to relate.

Choose a class that runs over multiple weeks so you can get to know the other couples better. Remember to make an effort to catch-up during the week pre-baby – even if it feels forced at first. Go for walks, coffees and set up a Whatsapp group to keep in touch.

Playground, Beaches and Parks

Babies love nature. Beaches, playgrounds and parks are a magnet for local mums – just smile and say hi. Whether you have the same stroller or similar aged babies, you’ll have heaps to talk about. Promise. Remember to make sure you’ve got the right gear to take your baby outdoors.

Mush App

Mush is a simple ‘swipe right’ app for local mums to meet up. Quickly scan to see if you have babies close in age and interests in common. My Mush preferences have me down as a sleep-deprived, coffee addicted, new to the area, outdoor adventuring mum.

Baby-friendly bootcamps

Everyone feels better after a workout. If there are baby-friendly bootcamps in your area, sign up and get exercising. Remember you don’t need to be fit to sign up! I felt like a bloated whale for months after giving birth. At least you’ll be able to laugh about it with other mums in the same boat.

where to find new mum friends

Swimming lessons

Babies can start swimming lessons from 3 months old. Hopefully, your partner can take the baby in the water so you have a chance to make friends with mums on the poolside. Plus who doesn’t love watching their baby’s first swim lesson – cuteness overload!

The library

Confession: I hadn’t been to the library in years before having a baby. But when it’s bad weather, our local library is go-to hang. I’ll read Harper board books and chat to mums who come and go (and exchange numbers when we’re on the same wavelength!).

Local Facebook Groups

Local mums groups on Facebook are my go-to for baby-friendly events, playgroups and meetups in your area. Request to join, start posting and catch up in real life.

How did you meet your mum friends?

how to find your mum tribe

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