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9 Acts of Kindness For Your Friends On Moving Day

We all know what we would like from our friends if we were moving right? Just someone that will be there on the day, to provide us with emotional support, help pack some things and move some boxes, and then help us out with anything extra we may need. Being a friend to someone as they move house is something they will never forget. For one thing, you are playing a role in the final paragraphs of a chapter in their lives. It’s also a great time to bond and have fun together, perhaps for one last time at your convenience. 

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Deliver your friends these acts of kindness on moving day

Here are nine ways you can be a friend to someone and help them begin a new life with less stress and calmer.

Bring over some snacks.

When you’re moving house, you tend not to buy things that you won’t take with you. So, food shopping is literally done on a day by day basis. If you know you’ll be moving in a week’s time, you eat everything in the fridge, empty the cupboard and do one or two day’s worth of shopping right? Well, sometimes you don’t have time to go food shopping and you just see about getting lunch when you can, because packing everything you own is more important. So you could be that friend that finds a way to their heart, and yes, it’s through their stomach!

Bring over some food in the form of snacks. Sandwiches, chocolates, fruit bowls or anything that can be eaten quickly and not have to be made in their kitchen. 

Offer some space

Maybe your friend or relative is moving very quickly, and they don’t have time to move everything at once, you could offer them space to store their things at your place. This way, the new owners of the property can move in and your friend isn’t literally kicked out, along with their things. So give them some garage space to store their sofa or spare bed. Give them your rooms to store their vases, plants and other decor items.

If you don’t have that space available, but they need storage immediately, direct them to storage unit services. They can store anything they want and they can rest assured that it will be protected under heavy security. With lots of cameras and guards around, their items will be in safekeeping. Storage units can be rented for as long as you need them too, so there’s no rush to get back to them.

Share stories

Reminiscing about old times is a great way to finish off the day. Having some shared memories together and telling stories is something they will never forget. It’s something that only the best of friends will do for each other. Open up a bottle of wine, order some pizza and just talk about the times you had fun together, shared emotional moments and secrets, etc. 

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Take photos

Moving house is yet another life experience but when you’re busy moving, particularly to deadlines, it’s easy to forget taking a simple photo. Pick up your camera or phone and take photos of your friends packing, moving out and then moving into their new property. They will appreciate it when they get to look back at the photos in years to come.


The fridge will be empty to move, food will be limited. Do a quick grocery shop for your friend so they have something to eat for dinner and food for breakfast the next morning. Going to get the groceries will be the last thing on their mind when they’re trying to get the move done before the sun goes down.

Take orders

Be available to take orders and do shop runs for whatever your friends might need. Take their orders for coffee and do a run to the local cafe. If they need more packing tape, bubble wrap or a new marker, make the trip to the shop for them so they can keep on schedule with the move.

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Help look after the kids

As much as we adore our children, they can sometimes be a bit of a hindrance than a help when it comes to moving day, particularly if they’re young. Why not offer to babysit your friend’s children so they can get the move done without the worry of looking after children.

Get handy

Do you consider yourself quite handy and know your way around screwdrivers and Allen keys? Then your friend will love you loads if you get to their new place and assemble their beds. That means that after a massive day moving, they don’t have to worry about it and can simply fall back into bed and have the best first sleep ever in their new home. That’ll get you a big, fat tick!

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Make calls

It’s time to put your personal assistant hat on and make some calls for your friend to ensure utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone have been turned on at the new property. While you’re busy waiting on hold (the usual experience for these type of things), your friend can continue packing and moving with the comfort of knowing they’ll have electricity and hot water at the new place.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things your friends would love help with, just ask them! Moving house is hard enough, but when you have to move away from friends, it’s doubly difficult. So, be there for your friend and give them a good send-off.

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