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Best Self-Care Subscription Box Ideas We Absolutely Love

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The way we get the products we love has changed. In the past, we had to go to the store, or go online and make a purchase. While this is still common, subscription boxes have changed the game. These boxes are automatically delivered to use every single month and no matter your interests when it comes to products, there is likely a box for you. Most subscription boxes fall into one of three categories, but the content of the boxes can vary wildly.

best self-care subscription box

This blog post is going to look at boxes in the self-care category. Some people find it hard to equalise when they’re anxious or stressed, they simply cannot get out of the stress cycle and therefore, it rules their life. One of the best ways to get out of the cycle, to equalise, is with self-care. And remember, what good are you to your family and loved ones if you aren’t looking after yourself?

Whether they have a lovely design or custom packing, or simply have the exact kind of products you are looking for, it is a joy to receive and open up a self-care subscription box.

5 Self-Care Subscription Box Ideas

Without any further ado, let’s help you find the best self-care subscription box to help you balance yourself out and put a smile on your face. 


Thera Box

One of the leaders in the self-care subscription box space is Therabox. Therabox is curated by therapists themselves and has the goal of helping people by inspiring them, helping them achieve happiness and boosting their joy. The box includes a mix of different self-care related products that can range from drinks, to books, to skincare products. The items will surely make you smile, and also provide you with some real benefits.

Simply put, the Therabox will help you have a monthly moment all to yourself, and help boost your self-care efforts. The product ships near the end of every month, so you can start every new month with some new self-care and wellness products, shipped right to your door.

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GoodnessMe Box

Goodness me Box

The founder of GoodnessMe Box started the business because of her battle with an autoimmune disease. GoodnessMe Box has Health, Beauty and Kids boxes with the focus on natural and wholesome products and is Australia’s largest health food sampling service. Goodness Me Box is all about promoting the importance of learning how and why they should nourish their bodies and how wholefoods can really help people take control of their health. 

The box comes in 12, 6 and 3-month subscription options with the products always natural and non-genetically modified. Products that make the final cut for the GoodnessMe Box are put through selection criteria by a panel of health practitioners. 

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Go Love Yourself Subscription Box

The Go Love Yourself Box

There are few better ways to reconnect with yourself and relax than with a Go Love Yourself box. It is a monthly kit full of items all about caring for and loving yourself. The boxes are curated by life coaches, and each month has a different central theme. The box will come with a book centred on the self-care theme of the month, as well as a workbook and an actual session with a life coach.

You also get access to an online community of women to learn from and share experiences with. There is also a deluxe box option that includes an issue of their exclusive magazine, as well as several self-care products related to the particular theme of the month. The box is shipped out within the first week of every month, and there are several options to choose when it comes to how often you want a box delivered.

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Feeling Fab Subscription Box

Feeling Fab Box

Another great option for those looking for a self-care subscription box is Feeling Fab. Available in either a mini box or premium box, this offering comes with products aimed at helping to pamper not only your body but also your soul. You get a self-care tracker to maintain your progress, as well as tools for spiritual growth and relaxation items such as lotions, bath bombs and several others. 

All of the inclusions are high-quality, natural, and cruelty-free as well. You get a ton of value in each box, and it ships out around the 11th of every month, so you always know when to expect your Feeling Fab box.

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Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

It’s time to treat yourself like the goddess that you are and really embrace your spiritual side. This has to be one of my favourites because I love anything to do with stones, essential oils and connecting with my deeper self. In this box, you get five to seven full-sized products that are all vegan, natural and cruelty-free. Not only does the box include a mist of crystals and aromatherapy products, it includes natural beauty products, spiritual tools and superfood treats. This box is perfect if you’re looking for something a little different and want to get great value.

So now that you have inspiration for the best self-care subscription box, it’s time to sign up and put you first! Enjoy!


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best self care subscription box

best self care subscription box

best self care subscription box

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