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How Relationships Can Damage Your Mental Health

We like to think that relationships are things that build joy and pleasantness in our life. There’s nothing like having a “sweetheart” – somebody who makes us feel alive and gives us butterflies. 

Unfortunately, though, that’s not always how relationships pan out. We get into them with high hopes. But, often, they go sour – as explained in this in-depth article

relationship effects on mental health

Worse still, because they mean so much to us, they can also have a massive effect on our mental health. We can wind up feeling depressed about the very thing that’s supposed to make us feel great. 

Here are some of the classic signs that your relationship is bad for your mental health

Your Self-Worth Has Gone Down Since The Relationship Started

If your self-worth has gone down since getting into a relationship, then your partner could be to blame. If they overly attack and accuse you of things, then the reasons for your self-loathing are obvious. 

However, partners can lower your self-worth in much more subtle ways. For instance, if they always talk about themselves and never show any interest in you, then that communicates that you’re just not that important. They can also make you feel inferior by showing off their own intelligence or beauty. Or they can constantly question your sanity. 

You Think About Leaving Them

If you’re thinking about leaving your partner, then it is a surefire sign that something has gone wrong in the relationship. Often you fantasize about just leaving their house and never going back because you want to escape the hurt. 

Usually, if you’re thinking about leaving your partner, it shows that you’re better off without them deep down. In these situations, it’s often worth listening to your gut feeling and running with it. 

Relationships and mental health

Your Problems Are Mainly Their Problems

Sometimes, partners like to introduce problems to relationships. They want to burden the other person so that they can feel like they’re lightening their own load. However, all this does is put pressure on you. You feel suffocated by the entire experience and just want to get out. Before you met your current partner, you were happy and care-free. Now you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. 

Your Physical Health Is Suffering

Did you know that your mental health has a direct impact on your physical health? In Western society, we like to make a distinction between the mind and the body. But, in reality, they are both parts of the same system. So what happens to one of them affects the other. 

If you’ve noticed your physical health declining since getting into a relationship, it could be a sign that things need to change. Many people experience things like muscle pain, insomnia, and headache when they get into a bad partnership. They can even wind up with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, negative relationships can worsen existing mental health conditions. So if you already have bi-polar, getting into the wrong type of relationship can make it worse. 

Eva Lewis