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5 Boring But Essential Chores I’d Gladly Outsource

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I have the lovely Bec as my guest blogger today. Bec is a Melbourne blogger and Mum to two hilarious, inquisitive and non-stop little boys. She has a husband with his head in the clouds (he’s a pilot), a part-time career and a budding addiction to loom bands. You can find her blogging about her life, her boys and the history of parenting at Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting. Today she’s sharing her thoughts on something I’m sure we all dream about!


Outsourcing Chores – A Mums Dream!

I returned to paid work when my second son was 11 months old. I made a deal with my husband that when I increased my hours to 3 days a week or more we’d hire a cleaner to help out with the housework.

I’m now working a 7 day fortnight and every second Friday I get to come home to a clean house.

The whole house. Beautifully clean. All at once, not just one room or a bench space, but everything.

Of course it only lasts for about 15 minutes before the boys empty daycare sand from their shoes onto the carpet. Then it’s dinner time and sauce hits the floor, the table is peppered with rice and the dirty dishes start to pile up again.

But those first few minutes after I walk in the door… I think I may be just a little bit in love  with Julie (that’s the name of the wonderful woman who cleans our house).

What takes her two hours without interruption would take me about 4 hours with a 2 year old constantly switching the vacuum cleaner on and off at the powerpoint and a 4 year old who just wants to ‘help’. Help with the hot, dangerous steam mop. Help with the potentially toxic bathroom cleaner. Help with the dusting (which involves knocking most of the photo frames off the piano).

Having some of the cleaning done also means I can spend some time doing fun family things on the weekend instead of madly running around trying to get the house in order.

It’s got me to thinking, though, there are some other rather boring (but rather essential) tasks that I would quite happily outsource if I could.

Outsourcing chores – My top 5

1. Exercising

I know I should do it. I know some people enjoy it. I’m not one of them. I’d rather be watching Game of Thrones.

2. Cooking healthy meals

I’m totally happy to keep baking the cakes and the pancakes. Even the occasional zucchini slice. But the daily grind of hiding carrots in spaghetti and extolling the virtues of beans and corn? Only to have the kids turn their nose up at it? Yup, you can keep that thanks.

3. Brushing my teeth

It takes 5 minutes. But It takes 5 minutes twice a day while battling a very enthusiastic and independent 2 year old who joins me to clean his teeth too. Which basically consists of eating the toothpaste, sucking water off his toothbrush and joyfully trying to choke himself with the dental floss.

4. Washing my hair

I love a good, long hot shower. I’m not a happy water saver. But having to wash my long, uncooperative hair every other day kind of spoils the fun. It makes it feel like work.

5. Sleep

Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of being rested. I love hopping into my pjs and sliding under the sheets at the end of a long day when all is quiet and the kids are sleeping.

But what a waste of 6-8 hours!

Imagine if you could get someone else to do the sleeping for you. You’d have a whole 6-8 hours uninterrupted by kids, work, telemarketers. Think how many seasons of Game of Thrones I could have watched by now (I’m up to season 2, episode 8 by the way: slowly catching up).

What boring daily task would you outsource if you could?




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  1. August 27, 2014 / 8:33 am

    Lawn mowing! I hate lawn mowing, so we got someone else to do it. That worked out so well we then hired a cleaner and are now looking for other things to outsource!
    There must be something in the air this month about looking for ways to get rid of unwanted chores, I wrote about my experience here: http://smarterhappier.com/outsource-your-chores/

    • August 27, 2014 / 8:54 am

      Ha ha, I’ve already outsourced lawnmowing, Nathan – to my husband. The deal was we could buy a house with lawn as long as he mowed it. I was all for a courtyard!

      • August 27, 2014 / 9:11 am

        We had the opposite deal – we could have a house with a lawn but someone else had to mow it! Great article!

    • August 27, 2014 / 10:10 am

      I’ll come and do your lawn mowing, Nathan! That’s one thing I really enjoy, I find it very therapeutic cutting grass and at the same time I get exercise (we have a big block). Will check out your post. Thanks!

    • August 27, 2014 / 10:09 am

      My pleasure, any time lovely.

  2. August 27, 2014 / 10:12 am

    Thanks so much for guest posting, Bec. I would love to outsource exercise, I really suck at it. I would also like to outsource cooking sometimes, it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s that when I am really busy or time poor, that’s when I hate to do it. If I have loads of time, I’ll cook up a storm. I”ve already outsourced the ironing to my husband, I just don’t do it. Aren’t I smart? 🙂

  3. Shermeen Ching
    August 27, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    Can I outsource my day job please? Sounds like a ball of contradiction yeah? Need to work, yet don’t want to so I can stay home with the kid, yet sometimes want to be away from the kid for just that one hour of sanity. 🙂