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5 Useful Calming Strategies That Will Quieten An Overactive Mind

For some (me included), an overactive mind means constant racing thoughts no matter how hard you try to relax; it makes relaxation difficult.  It also affects sleep and it makes it hard to focus on things. I was shocked to read this study that discovered the opposite of my understanding of the overactive mind. As annoying as it is, I’ve always thought it a good thing and that I was giving my brain a good workout for a longer life. Well, the study found the opposite, too much neural activity can shorten lifespan! So this in itself has got me considering some calming strategies for an overactive mind.

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Calming Strategy 1 – Write Things Down

If your mind is racing and you are thinking about all of the things that you need to do over the coming week, you should try writing things down. You know, and I know that when we tell ourselves, “I’ll remember it,” we never do! Inside your head, that constant mind chatter is just a big mess. Writing things down and organising them properly means you can make more sense of your thoughts. Once you have written something down, you know that you will remember and you don’t have to worry about it anymore, a thought has been filed away and removed from the clutter, a great way to calm your mind.

Writing a daily journal is another excellent way to deal with an overactive mind. When you bottle up your stress and anxiety, your mind will always be racing. You must find ways to process those emotions properly. Talking them through with a loved one is still helpful, but you can also write them down.

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Calming Strategy 2 – Try meditation to calm your mind

Meditation is one of the most effective calming strategies, and it’s easy to fit into your daily routine. If you’re like me, you live a busy life and you hardly ever get time just to sit down and collect yourself because you always have a million things to think about and, well, kids!

Meditation gives you that opportunity to take 10 minutes out of your day for yourself, to clear your mind for a more positive mindset. There are some great online resources to help you get started, and once you get the hang of it, you should notice a big difference. If you struggle to sleep because your mind is racing, you should try meditating right before going to bed.

Calming Strategy 3 – Taking a walk calms the mind

It’s hard to calm down your mind when you are surrounded by constant stimulus. We are bombarded with information from all angles, and that can contribute to an overactive mind. If you find it hard to wind down, consider taking a walk. It’s definitely on my New Year Goals list!  Getting in touch with nature and escaping all of those distractions gives you a good opportunity to give your mind a rest. You can organise your thoughts and let go of that stress. The physical activity is a good way to relieve stress and overall, walking is great for mental health.

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Calming Strategy 4 – Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness means bringing your attention to the present moment. When you have an overactive mind, you are always thinking about things that have already happened or something that might happen in the future. When you make an effort to live in the present moment while doing everyday things, instead of letting your mind wander, it can help to quieten your mind. But don’t put pressure on yourself to get mindfulness practice right the first time, it takes practice. Here are some ideas to practise mindfulness around the home.

Calming Strategy 5 – Brain Dumping

A little different to writing a journal, brain dumping is all about writing absolutely everything down, in no particular order, onto a piece of paper simply to get it out of your head. Once everything is on paper, you can sort the information and prioritise. It’s such a great feeling when you get something out of your head, you gain more control. For more brain dumping information, visit my post – How To Instantly Reduce Stress With A Brain Dump 

An overactive mind can be exhausting, and it may affect your ability to focus properly, but using these calming strategies can help you to wind down that constant mind chatter and get your energy back because we all know how draining an overactive mind can be!

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