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Why a Stress Detox Is Vital for Female Entrepreneurs

Why a Stress Detox Is Vital for Female Entrepreneurs

We are witnessing the undisputed rise of female entrepreneurs around the globe. Naturally, every change in the status quo leads to a storm of disapproval from a variety of detractors. If you combine this unfavourable clout of judgment with all the regular obstacles an aspiring entrepreneur faces along the way, you get a bitter cocktail of stress and anxiety. This is why a substantial stress detox is so vital for female entrepreneurs that are poised to reach the top.

Move like your life depends on it

detox with yoga

Of course, you should not feel the pressure to conform to any organised sport or athletic activity that is beset with rules. You can easily partake in activities that are freeform and which depend on your level of comfort. Jogging, yoga, and pilates, for example, are such activities. Meditation and practising mindfulness also combine well with these activities. Overall, the length of your exercises can be modulated depending on your readiness on that particular day, and intensity can also fluctuate based on your whims.

All you need is the motivation in the form of outfits and equipment that will grant you the comfort that you deserve. The finest leggings will make you feel as if you are practically not wearing anything and a nice pair of running shoes can make you feel as if you are running on clouds. Quality athletic outfit means a better quality of life, and every factor counts when you are going through a stress detox.

Nourish your body

detox with nourishing food

However, exercising is only one component of a much bigger picture. Daily training can have a profound impact on your body as long as it is combined with proper nourishment. Now, every individual will thrive on a slightly different dietary plan, depending on their metabolism. Still, there are certain broad strokes every female entrepreneur should adopt for a more ‘energised’ lifestyle.

For example, you can easily begin by limiting the intake of carbohydrates to 100g a day, tops. Replace them with plentiful fruits and veggies on top of your regular meals. Protein and natural fats can easily represent 80% of what you eat.  Naturally, this type of diet also entails the exclusion of sodas, snacks and refined pastry. When it comes to dairy, you should probably limit yourself to fermented products such as Greek yoghurt. All in all, a solid detox-day can begin with a healthy smoothie mix of fruits and veggies to give you a real morning kick instead of coffee, and then you can take it from there.

Hydrate properly

detox with water

Since we have mentioned a morning smoothie, it cannot be stressed enough that you should hydrate like crazy during your detox. Let’s say that you have a fairly unpredictable time-window to do this detox – whether it’s just a weekend, a week or half a month, constant hydration should be the baseline of your detox.

This is especially important if you plan to revitalise your skin and make it glow. As long as you hydrate properly, you will never look worn down, even though you might appear tired from time to time. The arbitrary recommended daily intake of pure water is about eight glasses, but it can vary depending on, once again, the speed of your metabolism.

Don’t forget, hydrating your skin is equally as important. Find a moisturiser that absorbs well into your skin and is not too oily that it sits on top of your skin. Stretch mark cream is also great to treat dry skin prone to stretch marks as we gain and lose weight.

A visit to the hot sauna, coupled with regular deep-tissue massage therapy, can speed-up your metabolic cycle, along with constant hydration.

Digital detox

digital detox

Without a doubt, one of the cornerstones of every female entrepreneur’s stress relief is a digital detox. The constant influx of news and information that we get from the screens that surround us can impede our judgment and undermine our confidence. Social media is an especially toxic environment in this regard.

To realign yourself and find inner balance, you should couple the above-mentioned detox methods with digital abstinence. Go offline and leave your phone in the drawer for the remainder of your sabbatical. Your brainwaves will calm down after only a day of digital detox, and you’ll start feeling more productive since you’ll be able to harness your thoughts and put them into the right order. The results of this will be profound, and you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t tried this before.


Female entrepreneurs tend to face more challenges than their male counterparts, only due to the sheer intensity of disapproval that they face. Of course, this should by no means represent a stumbling block on their way to the top, and every obstacle can be conquered as long as female entrepreneurs do it at their own pace which includes the intervals of stress detox. In fact, you can literally say that the relaxing downtime is crucial for one’s success and that every wise entrepreneur – both female and male – knows when to take the time out and replenish their energy wells.


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