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The Healthy Way To Manage Your Indulgences

There’s no such thing as a perfect person. That’s quite a good thing, as it would be boring if we were all the same! While we do have to keep our vices under wraps, and always moderate them, a couple of them are essential to living healthily. That doesn’t mean we can’t focus on self-improvement or becoming better people of course, only that this process requires diligent thinking and the means to move forward in the best possible light.

So – how can we manage our indulgences in the healthiest manner? Is there a technique we can use to keep our self-discipline carefully calibrated? This is worth considering because many people will often find that they fall into overindulging or over-disciplining themselves to an unsustainable degree without this balance already set.

How to stop overindulging

That being said, even indulging can be healthy provided we know how to apply it to our schedules, and when we can justify it. When you regularly go running, for instance, eating that extra dessert or ordering takeout from time to time need not feel like a big deal at all – because it isn’t.

So, how can you manage your indulgences, even in the healthiest manner? Let’s consider that below:

Understand Your Indulgences

Understanding your indulgences is the first method to feeling able to counteract them. It’s hard to quit smoking, for instance, if you don’t really understand how much you smoke in a day, when you’re most likely to smoke, and also how much you smoke. It’s often the case that a Doctor’s warning can serve as a wake-up call for many people, especially those who eat or drink too much alcohol. Consider your indulgence you would like to change, and track it. This can help you counteract it more easily.

how to stop overindulging in sweets

Set A Timeframe

Set a timeframe for how you indulge in your vice, and how you wish to moderate it. Perhaps you have a habit of eating a huge bowl of ice cream every night, and you’ve become a bit overweight because of it. Instead of eating ice cream, why not focus on eating healthier snacks like frozen yoghurt or a smoothie bowl. Perhaps you could try only eating ice cream one once a week, or try for more complex desserts that take some effort, aided by nang delivery? Set a timeframe for improvement. It helps.

Practice Going Without

Practice going without your indulgences from time to time! It can help you break the schedule that you may otherwise feel chained to. For instance, you may decide to simply go out and practice not drinking with your meal, replacing your drink with a soft drink or sparkling water. That can help you stop relying on booze to help you through social situations. It can help you lose weight. It can also help you realize just how good food can be when stone-cold sober. Practice going without, because it might be that this is the first kink in the armour of a bad practice you wish to be rid of. That’s a powerful thing.

stop overindulging in alcohol

It’d be a big fat lie if I was to say that cutting down on something like smoking, alcohol or sugar is easy because it’s not. I quit alcohol in January 2019 and although I’m still sober, the first month was definitely the hardest, dealing with the cravings and side effects. But, getting over that hump made it worth it and I haven’t looked back.

You’ve got to start somewhere and with this advice, I hope you can more easily manage your indulgences in the healthiest manner possible.


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The Healthy Way To Manage Your Indulgences

The Healthy Way To Manage Your Indulgences

Eva Lewis