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How To Commit To Your Fitness Goals And Feel A Million Bucks

Setting goals to establish a legit gym routine or sign up for a trail run is one thing, but committing and following through is an entirely different challenge. Yes, committing to exercising regularly can change your life and your health for the better, but finding the motivation to not give up on your goals can be a completely different ball game, though (pun intended)

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Ask yourself, “Why am I working out?”

Knowing why you are setting workout goals is vital to help you stay the course. Many people (New Year’s Resolutions) vow to work out more come January, but inevitably the majority start to wane around February before stopping altogether. Not everyone but a high proportion will lose motivation.

If you are confident with what you are doing this for and have a goal or target in mind, you will find it easier to keep going and stick to your new healthy habit.

Set Realistic Goals

Having something to work towards is always a massive motivation boost. But when it comes to setting and committing to fitness goals, you need to be realistic. It’s great to be ambitious, but you aren’t doing yourself any favours if you’re setting yourself up to fail before you begin. If you’ve never run more than a hundred meters in your life, you probably shouldn’t sign up for a marathon in a month. Similarly, you don’t want to commit to hitting the gym five days a week when you know you’ve got too many other things on your plate.

If you need a motivation boost, why not sign up for a charitable event. Take part in a fun run (or walk), take part in physical charity events such as a hike, dance contest or even a trek! Or add a bit more fun by entering a colour explosion run. Get fit, have fun and raise some money for a good cause – benefits all round, don’t you agree!

Two is Company

Three might not be so much of a crowd but working out with others is always more fun than working out alone, especially if you are the start of your workout journey or have reached the point when you are ready to throw in the towel.

Rope a friend or family member to join you or join in a class workout and see if you can connect with like-minded individuals to give you that much-needed boost.

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to other people will always end badly. You never know where other people are in their journey or what their personal motivation is. If you hit the gym and are constantly comparing yourself to others around you who may be able to push through and do more and lift more, run further and faster, then you will essentially be talking yourself out of all the good you are doing.

Stick firmly to your journey and never compare your beginning or middle to someone else’s journey or endpoint. We are all different and focused on your own goals and striving to hit them and make more will push you harder and be more beneficial than trying to do more than the person on the treadmill next to you!

Bribe yourself

If you’re really struggling to find the motivation to pursue your fitness goals, a little incentive can sometimes be just the motivation you need. This is especially helpful if your fitness goals are going to take a long time to reach. For me, tying rewards to milestones can make a massive difference in how hard I’m willing to push myself.

Figure out what you’re willing to work for and set your goal appropriately. Want a new pair of pants from Lorna Jane but can’t seem to actually make yourself practice? Commit to a schedule for two or three weeks, and if you don’t skip a class, let yourself splurge. Considering a 5k but lacking the motivation to actually train? Book yourself a weekend trip to another city and sign up for a race while you’re there.

Tell somebody

If you really want to commit to your fitness goals, you should let someone know what you’re trying to accomplish. When the only person holding yourself accountable is you, it can be easy to cut yourself slack. However, if you tell someone else what you hope to achieve, you’ll be far more likely to do it. Want to train for a race, lose weight or compete in a powerlifting tournament? Tell a few friends. You’ll be surprised how much more motivated you are to chase your goals.

Track your progress

When you’re working out with goals in mind, you should always keep track of your progress. Know what your desired end result is and be aware of where you’re at in relation to that at all times. Tracking your progress also makes it easy to set smaller goals or benchmarks for an extra boost of motivation.

Make fitness a habit

The best way to commit to your fitness goals is to make fitness a habit. By building fitness into your routine, you’ll slowly start to look forward to trips to the gym instead of dreading your morning job.  And by hardwiring yourself to create a new habit, you’ll find it easier than ever to go through the motions and move. And if the gym isn’t your thing, consider everyday calorie burning activities you do without even realising. 

If physically getting to the gym or running doesn’t sound too appealing, you’re in luck – you don’t have to go nuts. Instead, the best way to build a habit of fitness is to make it so easy you can’t fail. I’ve created a free printable workout plan for a 30-day challenge to help you do exactly this!

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Free printable workout plan


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