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Motherhood and Self Care

Motherhood, there’s no other busier job in the world. There’s no paycheck as a mom, you actually pay to be a mom. In return, you get hugs, kisses, and smiles. A bonus is that baby smell, and the sweet sound of “mommy.” Some say it’s the hormones that make us love our children. The surge of Oxytocin that enables our bodies to produce milk, related to trust, reduces anxiety and decreases stress. Studies show that higher levels of Oxytocin allow mothers to engage in behaviors such as bonding, checking on baby, singing, and showing more affection.

self care in motherhood

Are hormones to blame for our self-neglect?

Can we blame this hormone for mothers’ constant lack of self-care? Or is it that society’s expectation of moms’ to do it all? Whatever the reason behind this lack of self-care, we as mothers, owe it to ourselves and our families to engage in self-care. We cannot give what we don’t have. How do you claim self-care if you are expected to get the kids ready for school, get yourself ready, go to work, pick up the kids, help with homework, feed dinner, and put them to bed? Please know I skipped a few steps to avoid redundancy, you get my drift. Here are some ways you, as the mommy, can claim free time for yourself.

How moms can claim free time for themselves

motherhood and self care

1. Stop feeling guilty. Sleep in once a week. Go ahead, pick a day and let everyone know mommy’s getting up late.

2. Exercise does wonders, not just for the body. It gives you energy and raises your endorphin levels. Endorphins reduce the feeling of pain, as well as giving you a positive attitude. Start with one 30 min exercise routine. Better yet, ask your kids to join and make it a family affair! Wonder what workout routine is best to get the most calorie burn for your time? Check out Functional Fitness training.

3. Order out once or twice a month. Give yourself a break from cooking!

4. Try meal prepping. This will save you from slaving in the kitchen every meal- time.

5. Indulge in a massage or a facial once a quarter.

6. Have a home spa every month! Claim a day for yourself and enjoy a quiet house.

7. If you still feel there are a lot to do, look at some productivity tips here.

8. Make sure you are eating healthy and have good Vitamin levels, so your body is functioning optimally.

9. If you’d rather not wait till one so weak twice a week or once a quarter self-indulgent endorsement, there are still some ways that you can have self-care as a mother daily. One way is to establish your own nightly routine. As soon as the kids are in bed, then it is time for you to perform some self-care it can be as simple as washing your face drinking tea and winding down for the night.

10. Some moms would rather wake up one or two hours early before everyone wakes up. This way they get to have the time for themselves, and mentally prepared for what’s to come in the day ahead.

11. Sleep. Sometimes, it’s the simple things we overlook. For example, we as a society have learned to choose to yield to working more, rather than give in to sleep and allow our bodies to recover from the days work. It may be worthwhile actually to start tracking how much sleep you get. Please aim for at least 7-8 hours of restful slumber.

12. Planning. Someone once told me, failing to plan is planning to fail. Get a yearly calendar. As moms, we live by schools activities, vacations and in-service days. Place those critical dates in your calendar, if you’re an app person, set up alerts to remind you of these dates. Don’t forget to schedule your own rest self-care time.

13. Food. What we eat is as essential as when we eat. The type of food intake we have can have a significant impact on our mood and on our energy levels. Foods with high glycemic index can give us that temporary high but with the consequence of sugar crash shortly after. Have snacks in your mom-purse. Healthy snacks, like nuts, veggies and or protein bars.

14. Last but not least, is grounding yourself. Pray, meditate, journal, have gratitude. Know you are not alone in this journey and in this world. You are given the beautiful gift of motherhood.

15. Journal. When you are tired and down, it’s easy to see all the unfinished things and what ifs. Why not wind down using a gratitude journal? It will help keep things in perspective. Grab your Free Weekly Journal here!

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Whatever self-care routine you decide to embark on, recognize it’s your choice to make and no one else’s. Do what feels right for you. Do what is comfortable. Be easy on yourself mama. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are rested and happy, everyone will be happy. Your children, family and friends, and most of all “you,” will be grateful that you are taking time to care for yourself.


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self care for mums
self care for mums
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